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Definition of dread

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1 Meaning of dread

Fear or fear is an emotion characterized by an intense feeling, usually unpleasant, caused by the perception of a threat, real or course, present, future or even last. It is a primary emotion is derived from the natural aversion to the risk or threat, which manifests itself in all animals, for example the human being. The ultimate expression of the fear is terror. In addition the fear this anxiety-related.
There is real fear when the dimension of fear is in correspondence with the dimension of the threat. There is a neurotic fear when the intensity of the attack of fear has no relationship with the danger. Both, real fear and neurotic fear, were terms defined by Sigmund Freud in his theory of fear. Currently there are two different concepts about the fear, which correspond to the two major psychological theories we have: Behaviorism and deep psychology. According to the behavioral concept fear is something learned. The model of the deep psychology is completely different. In this case, the existing fear corresponds to a basic conflict unconscious and unresolved, which referenced.

2. Definition of dread

The fear is the feeling that a person suffers when it is frightened. The term is used synonymously with fear or fear, usually if the individual in question is scared or altered with a situation. For example: "the entry of the masked caused dread among those present", "When I saw that car was advancing at full speed towards us, I felt dread", "the explosion caused dread in the village, although injuries were recorded".
From the dread, the person undergoes a change in their mood. This alteration results from the perception of a potential danger or damage, which may be real or may be in the imagination of the subject. What makes the dread is put the person in a State of alert, which can serve as a defense mechanism.
The choice of the term fear, fear, fear, terror or other similar tends to depend on the context. The most common name for the State of anguish of this kind is fear. Terror is usually an exaggerated fear, in contrast to the fear that is a little intense fear. Dread, however, usually is associated with something sudden, experienced hit and with great intensity.
A person, in this sense, can you tell that he is afraid the rats or the dark. It is likely that, if one day you wake up and suddenly found a rat on her bed, you feel AWE by the situation. Dread tends to include reactions such as screams, cries and the attempt to flee what causes it.

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