What is the meaning of Encourage? Concept, Definition of Encourage

Definition of encourage

1 Meaning of encouraging

Give encouragement or infuse breath or force.
Example: The public encouraged his team with applause.

Referred to esp. a feeling, keep it alive.
Example: It encourages the illusion to know Mexico.

In areas of the southern Spanish, convalesce.
Example: I went to visit her at the clinic while it encouraged.

2. Definition of encourage

The word encourage is a term that we use in our language to indicate the action of encourage, promote, and inflict him breath a person, who usually demand it because it is immersed in a complicated situation that makes you feel vulnerable and then need an emotional accompaniment. When an individual suffers from a complex disease precisely you will need encouragement from their closest beings to overcome it.
Also, usual forces someone when you are about to realize some important objective or goal by which it was working long. An athlete that comes hard preparing to participate in a leading competition, need to arrived the day of it, breath by loved ones and also its follower public.
It should be noted that in the environment of the sport the word that we are discussing is use popular hyper as a result that it expresses a typical action displayed by fans and supporters of a sports association, one athlete, among others, to give impetus to these while developing a competition.
There are various ways to express that encouragement and they are closely linked with the culture and the traditions and customs of the nation in which it is given, in the meantime, the most used include: shouts, chants, display of symbols such as flags, t-shirts, among so many possibilities.
In the lines that above we referred with repetition to a concept that is closely associated with the term encourage, that is the breath. And the breath is the effort, the value that gets something done or which is given to a person so that it exceeds a situation.
On the other hand, we also use the word encourage to indicate when to keep alive the sense of something or someone. The victims of the attack on the twin towers of New York encourage on each anniversary the memories of their loved ones.
The word directly opposed to the encourage is the discouraging, that will involve removing the illusion and the encouragement to someone in carrying out an activity or task.

3 Concept of encouraging

encourage v. tr.
1. Give breath or encouragement to a person. discourage.
2 Make more intense a feeling, an idea, or an activity: the society in which we live encourages competitiveness.
OBS is conjugated as a hit.
Manual of the Vox Spanish language dictionary. © 2007 Larousse Editorial, S.L.
Intr. Breathe.
TR-prnl. fig.Encourage, give encouragement, reinvigorate.
V. conjugation (picture) [3] as a hit.
Vox encyclopedic dictionary 1. © 2009 Larousse Editorial, S.L.
v t encourage [alenˈtaɾ]
1 give someone encouragement, motivate to continue
He encouraged his friend to finish college.
2 motivate or stimulate an activity
The Government encourages cultural activities.
v i encourage [alenˈtaɾ]
The mirror tarnished in his mouth was a sign that even encouraged.
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