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Definition of extension

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1. Concept of extension

The extension, extension, extra time, extra period or overtime is a method of tie-break used in Parties of different sports when there is equal at the end of regulation time of the original party. You can also use political senses, as for example, "Julio Cesar needed one year of extension". It is usual in basketball and baseball, where the tie is not considered. In other sports it is often used in qualifying matches, where there should be, necessarily, a winning team.
It is in play, then of the party, a time that varies according to the respective regulations.
The basketball rules establish the following: If the trial ends in tie, at the end of the game for the fourth time, the party will continue with a period extra five (5) minutes. They will play many periods of five (5) minutes may be required to break the tie. Not played in knockout matches doubles matches and extension in certain friendlies as well established.
In the case of football, the regulation of the International Board, the version in Spanish called it officially overtime, 1 stipulates that it should last no more than two times of fifteen (15) minutes each. Wins the team that has managed to break the tie, for these added minutes so long as extra can happen that I will record more than one goal. Where the tie, not to break in general, the method of shot from the penalty point is used.
Other methods that are not already used were the golden goal and silver goal.
American football
The extension of the football rules vary by League. In the NFL for the tiebreaker is played a while extra 15 minutes of actual time. To determine possession of the ball and the goal to defend in this supplementary period a coin launches air as was done prior to game time. In the preseason and the regular season if the time extension is completed and none of the two teams manages to score and break the tie, then the match ends officially as a draw. In the postseason, in the event of a party completes in normal duration of four quarters in draw, will start an extra time, if it happens that it end again tied the first extra time, then the game will continue until one of the teams makes an annotation of any type, declaring himself winner that team. To break the tie, one of the teams will have to score a touchdown, goal of field or safety will win the match. When you write down a TD in time extra will not run the extra point or two-point conversion. During the run-off period, each team will have three times out. Moves may not be challenged by any of the coaches in Chief. Any doubtful play will be reviewed by the referees template. If the team scores a field goal on their 1st possession, its opposite will have a possession by tie or win; However, if possession is lost it will end the party.
In the meantime, in the NCAA (College football) is will play many extra time needed to break the tie. In this case the first team to score wins no party, since both will have the opportunity to score points. Who get more a TD, field or a safety goal difference will win the match.

2 Meaning of extension

An extension is an extension of something for a period of time. It almost always refers to extensions of time, and the Word can be applied to a multitude of different contexts, from business to sports and the law.
It is also very common to hear talk of extensions when speaking of debts with banks or credit institutions. In these cases, the extension means the entity gives the customer more time to repay its debt, often with a slightly higher interest due to the extension of the time. In some legal systems, the concept of extension works so that parties have more time to prepare and present its witnesses, evidence and argument, provided the judge has authorized the extension of the time.
In sports, an extension is an extra time played only when at the end of the meeting none of the two teams took the victory. The extension does not apply to all sports, since there are some, like football soccer, which do allow games to finish in tie (except in qualifying matches). However, other sports such as basketball or baseball require necessarily a winning team.
In the case of basketball, the regulation stipulates that there be a winner at the end of the game, an extension of five minutes is in order to break the tie, and you must play as much overtime as they may be necessary to assure a winner.
In the case of football soccer, and as already mentioned above, there are cases where it is not possible to maintain a tie, as in knockout rounds. In these games, if there is a draw, are in order two extensions of fifteen minutes each. Where these two extensions after the stalemate persists, then is to solve the game in a round of penalties.