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Definition of firm

1 Meaning of signature

Signature is the stroke, title or graphic that an individual hand writes about a documentation with the intention to confer validity or express their agreement.
The firm allows you to identify the creator or recipient of the document. Through the drawing, it is possible to verify the integrity of the data.
You can distinguish between the handwritten signature or autograph (signatory develop several personal and own strokes that identify it), the digital signature (a signature created through a technology-based cryptography application) and the signature in the publications of the Internet (content of little extension that links to the messages that a user publishes on the Web and that can include images).
This latter kind of signature is commonly used in e-mail, usually by professional accounts, since it consists of a few lines with contact information and the title of the person. An example would be "Juan Pérez, graphic designer, www.juanperez.com". As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is possible to include an image, such as a corporate logo or any decoration. In addition, using code HTML you can adjust the size of the characters, as well as its style (bold, italic) and, even, your source. All these possibilities vary depending on the supplier, although they are fairly common.
Digital signature, on the other hand, is used to check the validity of a packet sent digitally, such as a personal archive or a commercial application. Basically, it assures recipient that it is an original product, whose creation belongs to who is displayed as the sender and he has not suffered any kind of alteration along the shipping. It is very common, however, the operating system to warn the user of the absence of a digital signature when you want to install some program, given that not all developers take advantage of this security technique. This is not to say, it is worth clarifying, that in the case of software illegal or evil; not contain this certification may be simply the result of a lack of will or think that it is not necessary for a particular product.
As it happens with handwritten signatures, outside the scope of the computers, the digital does nothing other that ensure the integrity of a software package; It does not indicate in any way that the use of the file or program is beneficial for the team or is of a high quality product. Returning to the absence of signature detection, the operating system tries to convey that this is synonymous with danger and feeds the feeling of distrust towards all that do not expose the name of one of the popular brands. On the other hand, are those big companies who generate dissatisfaction, complaints and taunts in millions of users, eventually migrating to the underworld of the independent development and open source.
Some example sentences: "need to leave their signature on these three pages so I can give the key of the car", "I paid with a check, but I did not realize a detail: was missing the signature", "Roberto went to a lender delivering unsecured credit," "yesterday I registered on this website: I am the user who has a photo of Maradona in his signature".
This concept also often understood the Act of signing a series of documents for the closure of some sort of transaction, usually important and which affects more than one person: "With the signature of the Mayor, the city became recipient of a new computer system to manage their parks", "the signing of striker occurred this morning and a few hours"It was already training with his new teammates.
Another use of the notion of signature has to do with the name or business name of a company. In this sense, company, company and signature are synonymous: "a computer firm was accused by the Government of evading taxes", "the old Avenue building was purchased by a firm dedicated to the development of cosmetics".

2. Definition of signature

The term signature has two older and more common meanings quite different from each other. One of the two is the one that refers to the firm as a header that is used to make clear the acceptance or authorship of a document. The second meaning is referred to the firm as company or multinational that serves a specific economic activity.
Starting with the first meaning, the signature is that drawing a person does at the foot or end of a text or work. The signature can be used to express two ideas: on the one hand, if we speak of a legal document, the firm can point acceptance or agreement with what was expressed in the text. You can also express commitment or responsibility to respect what this text or document says (for example, if we talk about a contract between several parties that sign or sign). But on the other hand, also be the firm expressed the authorship of a work, as for example when it is signed at the end of a literary work or on the canvas of a painting. Such firms are used to know who carried out the work and that it is not as anonymous.
Understood as a header, the firm says a lot about the person and there are specialists that analyze shape, tilt, the intensity of the ink, stripes or aggregates, etc., to understand better the personality or character of a person. It is believed that many data about an individual can be obtained from your signature, even without even knowing it.
The second meaning of the term signature is one that refers to a company. While this is not as common in the Spanish language (Yes is in English when speaking of firm), the signature can also be the legal name that a company has, that one that is presented to your customers, which appears in all documentation. The firm is a company that develops a specific activity, which has certain economic and human resources and which carries out specific procedures.

3 Concept of firm

Signature are those strokes with which a person is identified to provide conformity in some document obligating it with regard to its content, which is notified and gives conformity It be required to sign and does not agree with the content of the notification should clarify that you signed in disagreement. Those who do not know how to write, give their consent through his fingerprint, which is smeared with ink and stamped on the document.
You don't need that signature consist the name of the signer, using any sign that you use on a regular basis. In certain places to see if the signature corresponds to a person and is what makes on their behalf, a record of signature, is required to take as a model, and check with her subsequent signatures to verify their authenticity. This usually do schools with the signature of the parents, to prevent pupils falsified them or in the banks to avoid thefts in current accounts or deposits of customers.
In the event of a trial where the signature is unknown, the test is carried out by an expert calligrapher.
The firm blank is put in a document without filling and is granted trust to its holder to subsequently complete it.
Also called signature to the name of a business or commercial establishment that identifies its owner. When the company changed owner said that there was a change of signature.

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