What is the meaning of Flow? Concept, Definition of Flow

Definition of flow

1. Concept of flow

The caudal term can have different meanings, depending on context:

The Latin root capitālis

• In fluid dynamics, flow is the amount of fluid that moves in a unit of time. Also known as volumetric flow or fluid flow rate, and that can be expressed by mass or by volume
• Flow meter: instrument used for the measurement of the flow of a fluid or mass flow rate.
• Calculation of water in pipe flow: estimation of the behavior of a pipe flow, based on the continuity equation:
• Ecology, referred to as flow volume to the volume of water that a river, or any other stream of water to preserve the ecological values in the course of the same; measured in cubic meters per second.
• Solid flow: designation for material swept away by the water current.
• Regulated flow: determination of the regulatory capacity of a reservoir.
• Fluvial regime: refers to variations in the flow of a river over a year.
• In flow economy refers to a financial capital.
• In law, is known as relict flows to material goods that were of a person who has died.
• Is known as a safe safe.
• In physics and related sciences, mass flow or flow mass refers to one volume any determined by a unit of time.
• In construction, the estimation of the maximum flows of runoff is called maximum probable flow.
• Flow computer refers to the amount of bandwidth occupation.

The Latin root cauda

• In flow, human anatomy refers to the location of a structure, viscera, body, etc., found below in relation to another, with respect to the horizontal plane.
• In zoology the term caudal is used as an adjective to designate to the posterior of the body of an animal ends, usually its tail (in the case of terrestrial animals) or rear flap (for seafarers), and to all other structures associated with that area (for example, the osteoderms on the tail of Stegosaurus are often called caudal spines).
The Latin root caudātus.
• Caudata or caudate, order of amphibians, characterized by having a clearly developed tail.
• In Heraldry: caudate refers to the image of a comet or a star with a tail that stands out for its size or enamel, in a coat of arms.
• In Astronomy:
Called Cauda Hydrae, the "tail of the Hydra", the star Gamma Hydrae, in the constellation Hydra.
Is it known how caudate comets visible tail.
• In medicine is known as syndrome cauda equina or ponytail to a degenerative disease of the spine.

Flow (hydrography)

Referred to as flow in hydrography, hydrology and, generally, in physical geography, the volume of water flowing in a river at a place and time certain. Refers primarily to the hydraulic volume of runoff from a catchment in the main river of the same. Usually measured in m³/sec which generates an annual value measured in m³ or in million cubic metres (cubic hectometres: a million cubic metres is equivalent to one million m³) that can be used to plan the hydrological resources and their use through reservoirs and pipeline works. The average of the seasonal or monthly flow of a river over a series of years is what is called River regime of that river.

2 Definition of flow

The flow rate is a term that presents an often used in our language and employ to express issues.
One of their most popular jobs allows you to refer to the amount of water that holds a certain current of just water, such is the case of a river. I.e. it is the volume of water that carries it on its way. It is amazing the low flow of the river.
On the other hand, at the behest of fluid dynamics, flow means that amount of a fluid that moves in a unit of time. This unit can express both in volume and mass. Where the previously expressed from the flow of a river, normally it must be expressed to the same in cubic meters and per second, meanwhile, the evolution of the flow is represented through the tool known as hydrograph.
It should be noted that the knowledge of the volume that presents a river will be vital at the time of the construction of dams, reservoirs, or any other type of work.
The flow meter is an instrument specially created to calculate a flow rate. To carry out the measurement prepares them linearly with pipeline that will take the fluid. The flow meter can be mechanical or electrical. Water heaters and washing machines tend to employ the electric meter.
Another job that supports this word is synonymous with goods, i.e. can be used to indicate the material goods that someone has. We have to take this large amount of flow rates very cautiously to the Bank.
In the field of computer science, also we have a reference for this word, since it refers to the amount of information that is to be occupied in a broadband.
When speaking of flow in relation to the human body will want to indicate that a structure, such as an organ, is below another, whenever a horizontal plane is taken as a relationship.
And also, in the current language, when there is abundance of something is expressed in terms of flow. The scandal by the Senate corruption deployed a flow of accusations between the parties involved.