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1. Concept of free

free Advisor.
1. Without pay or collect money: free access to the film.
2 That does not cost money: free movie tickets. free of charge.
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Advisor. m. Balde.
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free Adj ['gɾatis] which are not paid, free of charge
The entrance to the show is free.
free Advisor in a way grautita, without pay or charge anything
I got the free book.
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2 Meaning of free

The free Word comes from the latin of the same name, and is defined, in its most common sense, as the quality that have products or services that can be obtained without any payment of means. The availability of free products has different reasons for background in today's society, from promoting products that are paid to the charity.
In business, it is common that products and services free by way of sample, provided so that customer can know the product and pay for it later if that he convinces you. This is a suitable system to expand a potential customer base. As advertising, it is also common to give away free products through contests as a strategy for marketing and approach with clients.
The charities also offer free products, although focused only on those persons who find themselves in vulnerable situations. The most common is that they provide food, clothing, medicines, shelters and scholarships. These organizations tend not to pursue non-profit, and most operate under a system of private donations.
Some Governments, for their part, have also designed systems of social security offered by education, health and benefits to citizens for free or at a symbolic cost. These systems allow the offer of free services because they are paid for by the taxes of the entire population.
In the laws of copyright and software, although the word free also defines the products which are distributed free of charge, in this case it is necessary to make the distinction with the word "free", since in English both words are represented with a single (free). In this way, there are programs that are free but not free, and vice versa.
In other contexts, the word free can be used to draw accusations baseless, as in the sentence "the debate was full of free charges. None of the candidates had real arguments".

3. Definition of free

Popularly, the free term is frequently used to designate what is carried out without the need for a prior or subsequent payment.
Mostly, the term is associated with the concept of free entry, the which and at the behest of any spectacle, whether public or private, will mean those who want to attend the same must not previously pay no entry to participate in the same that may do so freely and without pay, only holding on as only limitation to physical availability that takes the place.
In the past, going back very far back in time, the free term is used to refer to those actions of the kind of favor which used to meet at that time with the thank you from the person who had been the beneficiary or depositary of any favor.
Obviously and certainly the strangeness of many to discover this issue around the term demonstrates that this use today is absolutely obsolete, since it has lost all kinds of link semantics with the lexical origin which had in the past, because as well mentioned above, at present, the word free, only used to refer to things that are not paid with moneyi.e. He has lost that connotation of appreciation and gratitude to become a primarily economic term or referring to money, far removed from the favors and other herbs.