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Concepto de Odio

1. Concept of hate

Hatred is that feeling of aversion, of very intense rejection that a person feels toward another, or something. Hatred is the most negative sentiment that a human being can experience in his life, because with the greatest evil possible, wish you either the subject or the hated object.
The enmity and repulsion are the two issues that are most closely linked to this feeling, insofar as possible, of any of these it is likely that that situation which for example began as an enmity to dry, then, with run times and the accentuation of the feeling becomes pure hatred.
Hatred generates two well specific behaviors, on the one hand the avoid that which is hated and on the other hand the destruction of what generates hatred. When the feeling of hatred is directed to a human being can be materialized in insults or physical attacks.
Traditionally to the hatred it has identified as sentiment opposed to love, in all ways, some argue that love to hate and vice versa there is a very short road, since usually hate is awakened by those people important and movilizantes for the person in question.
You believe so or not, but there are sobrados cases of reality that show us that this issue is widely practicable, for example, couples who profess themselves an unconditional and suddenly good to first love is hate and have no punches when Suomi was.
Then, if we consider this matter, it would be more appropriate to say that the opposite of love is indifference rather than hatred.
The reasons that lead someone to feel hatred for another or something include that another has done so suffer or have threatened its existence and the of their loved ones. I feel a deep hatred for those who killed my husband.
Therefore, violence is the most common consequence of hatred. In personal appearance, as we mentioned in the previous paragraph, as in the social field, everything that refers to the violence generated a feeling of intense rejection.

2 Meaning of hate

Hatred is a deep emotion of extreme disgust, which can be addressed to individuals, objects, memories, and even ideas. It's a feeling commonly associated with things like anger and disposition to react in ways hostile, and it is considered the opposite of love, to have destructive and dangerous consequences. A person who feels hatred, for example, will tend to the destruction of the hated through physical, verbal or psychological aggression.
Hate has been tested under different perspectives, from the scientific to the religious. For example, scholars of the brain have analyzed in detail areas of the brain that are activated when a person feels hatred toward something or someone, while psychologists tend to agree that this is a deep and intense emotion that can be considered as an attitude or disposition rather than a temporary state, since it tends to be a feeling that endures over time.
In religion, the hatred is seen in different ways. In the Christian tradition, the Bible mentions episodes of hatred in several of his most notable characters, and at the same time condemns the feeling repeatedly.
So-called "hate crimes", have been integrated in the legal systems, which are crimes motivated by an individual to a certain social group membership. Examples of these crimes include, but are not limited to: the murders motivated by racism, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity.
The existence of hate often lead to violent episodes. For example, in the great wars between Nations, Governments often launch propaganda campaigns to promote hatred of the enemy troops and citizens, so that they pass the armed attacks.
Even though it is a fairly common sense, hatred is something undesirable due to its disastrous consequences.

3. Definition of hate

The word that summons us this time derives etymologically speaking Latin odium. Yes, we will be referring in this text the word hate, which as a masculine noun is defined as a feeling of dislike towards something or someone or violence and which leads to wish him evil. In this way then, well we could say that hatred would be a feeling of great antipathy, aversion, enmity and disgust and repulsion that a human being can feel towards someone or something.
Meanwhile, it is usual that the term in question is described as the antagonistic friendship or love. In fact, Elie Wiesel (recognized Hungarian writer) considered to hatred as the opposite of love. It should also be noted that hatred is usually able to cause and generate multiple people and varied situations. Among the most common, we could cite the aversion, self-destruction, feelings of destruction and even the loss of the harmonic balance. Of course that also are those who may feel hatred for something or someone, but do not reach to spend or experience for this kind of effects.
Now, from a psychoanalytical point of view, Sigmund Freud refers to hatred as a State of self that wants to break away from the source of their unhappiness. In this sense, for psychology hatred is defined as a feeling as long lasting as deep, which brings about intense expression of animosity, anger and hostility toward an object, a group of people or one person in particular.
Moreover, from a philosophical perspective, Descartes considers hatred as the awareness that something is wrong, what is combined with the desire to withdraw from it. At the same time, to David Hume it is an irreducible feeling that is not definable at all.
Synonym of hate
As well, move now to observe the synonyms are there in the word that on this occasion we have gathered: enmity, resentment, antipathy, resentment, hatred, anger, abomination, scorn and animosity.