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Concepto de Honestidad

1. Concept of honesty

On this occasion, as in so many previous ones, again engages us with a feminine noun that, etymologically speaking, comes from the latin. Concrete and promptly derives from honestitas, which keeps the same meaning. Yes, in this article we will be referencing the word honesty. If one starts looking for it in the Manual Sopeña illustrated encyclopedic dictionary, you will find the following definition: poise, decency, moderation. Insofar as, if it does the same but in the Diccionario de la Lengua Española (Editorial Larousse), in its first meaning see: quality of the honest person.
I.e., in relation to the previously explained, well you could say that honesty would be a quality of human beings based on speak and behave with consistency and sincerity, always taking into account the values of Justice and truth. Perhaps, in your sense first, it is understood as a simple respect for the truth in relation to persons, facts and the world itself.
On the other hand, it is important to not lose sight that honesty as such cannot be based on the wishes of individuals. I.e. Act honest accurate inevitably an attachment to the truth that surpasses any kind of personal intent. This is to say that a person may not act based on their own interests, for example hiding important information if it were ruling, and being honest.
In another order, now heading the field of philosophy, was Socrates who devoted much time of his life to attempting to parse the real meaning of honesty. Then, this concept went on to be included in the search for ethical principles of a general nature that are capable of justifying moral behavior. Linked to this, typical examples would be the consensus of Habermas theory, and the categorical imperative of Kant. On the other hand, Confucius, another philosopher, distinguished levels of honesty for his ethics, which he called Li, Yi and Ren.
Synonym of honesty
As well, us review now synonyms boasts the word addressed in this article: justice, austerity, awareness, kindness, dignity, righteousness, integrity, honesty, selflessness; diffident, honor, virtue, modesty and honour.

2 Meaning of honesty

The word honesty comes from the latin honestĭtas, and it is a quality that those individuals that Act have fairly congruent with what you feel and think. Honest people, therefore, express things in the same way they feel them, even though if this carries unpleasant consequences. Otherwise the dishonesty is dishonesty.
Honesty is closely related to not lie, and tell the truth at all times. But honesty is not only applied to the verbal expression, but also how to act of an individual, because being honest also implies the not mislead other persons to perform harmful actions. The latter, for example, is applicable to the case of politicians, which to be honest should not do things that they promised to do, or marriages, where many times being honest means to stay with one partner.
Similarly, honesty is also applicable to material goods, in a way that an honest person should not take what does not belong, or much less try to remove it by force or coercion.
The application of honesty is vital for healthy coexistence among people, and involves respect not only to the individual who is honest, but to all persons to its around. Living honestly requires a detachment to personal desires, since many times the truth cannot be entirely beneficial to our person. However, this detachment toward personal gain is needed to maintain good relationships family, social and even work.
Characters like Confucio made analysis of honesty in his time, separating this quality in three parts: Li, Yi and Ren, being the shallowest Li and Ren deepest, based on the understanding of the situation of others.

3. Definition of honesty

The word honesty comes from the latin honestitas (honor, dignity, consideration that one enjoys); It is the virtue that characterizes people respect good manners, morals and the goods. It is the constant action to avoid appropriating of what belongs to us.
Just as honesty is harmonize the words with deeds, have identity and coherence to be proud of itself. Honesty is a way of life consistent between what you think and what you do, conduct that is observed towards others and are required to each person what is due.
Honesty is a value, vital and core to be able to live in society, orients all actions and strategies of our activity, is to be honored in the words, in intention and in acts. Be honest makes us beings of honor; aspire to honesty is to seek greatness.
When someone lies, steals, deceives or cheats, his spirit comes into conflict, peace of mind disappears and this is something that others perceive because it is not easy to hide. Dishonest people can be recognized easily because they deceive others to improperly get a benefit, thus generating mistrust.
It can be concluded that when a human being is honest it behaves in a manner transparent with their peers; i.e., it does not hide anything, and that gives you peace of mind. Who is honest does not take anything alien, neither material nor spiritual: is an honest person.
When you are honest people any human project can be and collective confidence turns into a force of great value. Be honest requires courage to always tell the truth and act in a straight and clear way.