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Definition of Ingrimo

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1. Concept of Ingrimo

This term has a curious thing, though its meaning is to be solitary or abandoned, we use it to define the second condition and add the first step, creating a rare kind of redundancy. We always say "íngrimo and only", which emphasizes the fact that it is not only abandoned, but also without company.

2 Meaning of Ingrimo

Lonely, abandoned, without company.

Portuguese ingrime.

The truth is that íngrimo is a word often used in Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela. In Spain it is practically not used, very few people know its meaning... but that's going to change now!.

Íngrimo expresses the solitude complete, intimate and deep: one that transcends specific emotions and contexts...

Íngrimo is the title of a poetic anthology of Armando Rojas Guardia (1949) poet, essayist and author critical of Venezuelan contemporary poetry. His poems have the force of the secluded, intimate and infinite.

Fragment of vigilante nothing:

I hope the poem as I await the pleasure at the beginning of intercourse.
I hope the poem peeping arrival at the minimum height where crunches and lifts the wings.