What is the meaning of Invasion? Concept, Definition of Invasion

Definition of Invasion

1 Meaning of Invasion

From the latin invasĭo, invasion is the action or effect of invading. It is interrupt, to forcibly enter or occupy a place unevenly. It also refers to what enters and spreads in a place or environment, the unjustified entry to outside functions or, said of a feeling, to take possession of someone.
The entry of the armed forces of a nation to a foreign territory is known as invasion and usually aim at the overthrow of a Government or the conquest of that territory.
An invasion involves the displacement of numerous forces to control a territory. For this purpose, develop various types of tactics that are designed by army commanders. Who is invaded, can use different methods of Defense, such as the construction of walls or the exploitation of natural landforms.
Military invasion is considered as an aggression that violates the principles of international law. It is, in this sense, a war crime.
The reasons for an invasion may be different: the plundering of resources, the recovery of a territory that was lost in the past, the persecution of enemies, the protection of allies, the defense against a possible future attack or a punishment to a certain Government are some of them.
Today, the concept of invasion is associated with the intervention, a kind of euphemism used by modern powers to enter a country in pursuit of a profit for its inhabitants or for the international society in general.

2. Definition of Invasion

We can characterize the invasion as the Act by which a person or group of persons dealing with violent or sudden way a territory or space previously occupied by another group of people. Invasion is a typically confrontational Act since it is confronted with two or more parts that they come from that moment in a dispute over who deserves the territory and why. Usually the term is used in military areas or when referring to historical facts, but may also be one minor phenomenon when a group of people invaded a building or institution, etc.
The invasion is the sudden occupation and usually violent of a space that is being occupied by others. It can be carried out for different reasons, mainly usually have to do with economic, political or geographical issues. Territorial encroachment cases exist in great quantity in the history of humanity, some of them justified if one takes into account historical, geographical or social reasons and others based on a spirit of conquest or imperialism.
One of the main problems of the invasion is that it tends to generate major conflicts between those who occupy the territory and those who wish to occupy it. In some cases we can speak even for possession of a territory by law or fact, which means that while a territorial space belongs to a village, which occupies it is indeed another, which also could belong to him.
Conflicts, wars and clashes between different peoples by invasions and occupations of territories is a permanent phenomenon in human, exist even today in day cases without resolution possible, as for example the case of Palestine and Israel. Others have been resolved by the use of force, as happened for example with the invasion and European conquest of America pre-Columbian societies. Finally, cases of planned invasions that are only temporary, in the context of a war or conflict (such as for example during the second World War when the Americans invaded Normandy in order to prevent the nazi advance) can also be given.