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Concepto de Pierna

1. Concept of leg

Leg, region of lower limb between the knee and ankle joints.
The skeleton of the leg is formed by the (palpable, inner side in all their face anterointerna) tibia and fibula (external, palpable) in their upper and lower ends. Both are joined by their lack of movement upper and lower in the proximal and distal tibioperoneas sindesmosis, ends. Between their diaphysis lies the interosseous fibrous membrane.
There are four compartments separated by fibrous SEPTA (fascias) in the leg. The former includes the muscles Tibialis anterior (pulls upward and inward foot), long fingers (for fingers 2 to 5 degrees) and extensor long stretcher of the thumb, and the nerve and anterior tibial vessels. The lateral compartment is formed by the lateral Peroneal muscles long and short (pull the foot outwards and up) and the peroneal nerve surface. The deep posterior compartment muscles includes posterior tibial (strip inward and down the foot), flexor Longus of the fingers and flexor hallucis longus. Muscle triceps surae (formed by soleus, twin internal and external twin) occupies the superficial posterior compartment. The two rear compartments include nerve and posterior tibial vessels.
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2 Definition of leg

The limbs that are found in the lower region of the human being are called legs. The term, which comes from the latin perna, is also used more specifically to nominate the these members area that is located between the ankle and the knee.
In this sense, at the anatomical level you can say that leg is articulated with the foot through the ankle and thigh by action of the knee. Of course, if we consider the concept in its colloquial sense, we will understand by leg to complete lower limb, from the hip to the sole of the foot.
For example: "Yesterday I walked many blocks that now my legs hurt", "I came back from the football game with a loud bang in the leg that prevents me from walking normally", "my grandmother broke a leg falling off while she was crossing the street".
Whereas the leg as the region of the lower extremities, arguably the fibula and tibia are the bones that make up the leg. Among the most important muscles in the region, they can appoint Extenders, the peroneal and the triceps.
The legs are vital so that people can stand and move. When legs suffer from any disorder of gravity, it is likely that the individual is unable to walk and to navigate in a wheelchair.
In Argentina, on the other hand, is known as leg figure that weapon in poker when three tiles of identical value you have.