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Definition of look

1 Meaning of look

The look is the visual observation that is made of something. The look also means an expression of who makes it, and thus speaks looks cold and distant, or looks that express anger, sadness, pain; and other looks of love, protection or solace. The look is the window of our body that allows us to see our interior. It reflects our feelings and emotions, and along with gestures, give others the way of discovering what happens to us, although we do not express verbally.
The look that we receive from each other can cause us pleasure or pain, according to how we perceive it.
Look at oneself means to make a work of introspection, to get to know us better, President and know how we react to certain stimuli.
It is that someone has an impenetrable look in his eyes when it is impossible to discover any kind of emotions.
Depends on where to focus the center of attention or its intensity, one speaks of deep glances, which not only cover material aspects of subjects or observed events, but also its implications, the environment, intention etc. Thus for example is said to a certain news media provide a new look at the information, when they give little known data or related characters or other phenomena.
The look on things means appraisal on them certain and depends on the age, observer, its historical, social, political and economic context, gender, and education. For example make a new look for the facts of the past to reassess them or criticize them with new data, is a function of historical revisionism.

2. Definition of look

The look is what is seen in the eyes of a person or animal. It is understood as something different to the eyes or vision because they both have an exclusive body and physical relationship, i.e. when we speak of the eyes or vision we do it from a medical, physical or scientific point of view. In contrast with the look we are talking about something much more complex and metaphoric, something that is not understandable only in scientific terms if not that depends on several factors.
You could say that if well eyes define the facial features of a person (for example, if it has eyes blue or black, small or large), look is related in greater degree with the personality and not so much the physical. Thus, it is common to see a very intense person to have a more intense look while a calmer person have a more relaxed look. Look defines the personality, the character of a person and what is the difference from the rest. Thus, there are millions of people with black eyes, but not all have the same look.
For poets and artists look is the window to the soul of the person since it shows in some way or another their feelings, their mood, their character. In this sense, the look can change and become sad when the mood of the person is coincidental. At the same time you can become happy if the person is happy or happy. In paintings and works of art of all kinds always look is deemed one of the more difficult to represent, things can a sculpture be perfect at the anatomical level but lost soul and emotion if the look is not well made.
But a scientific level look can also be considered and this is when for example explores the way in which a person uses it. It is often believed that those who do not maintain the look lie, in the same way that keep the look in the eyes of the other person when he talks is an act that shows interest.

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