What is the meaning of Loss? Concept, Definition of Loss

Definition of loss

1 Meaning of loss

According to the context in which it is used, the word loss may cover various issues.
Used in its broadest sense, a loss is the lack or deprivation of what is owned.
It can also refer to that amount, thing or person that has been lost; the loss of his mother remains one of his biggest headaches; We have lost a lot of money with the collapse of the Bank.
On the other hand, when the leak of a liquid or a gas, usually listen referring to it that there was a loss. Last night we had to vacate the building as a result of a gas leak that occurred on the fourth floor.
To the loss or damage that is received from a thing it indicates it is also as loss. The flood in the business caused us a great loss of newly acquired merchandise.
And wrong use or waste that it takes place on a matter or thing is said to be a loss. The meeting was an absolute waste of time.
The loss of capital is the decrease in the value of an asset as a result of the decrease in its price.
Meanwhile, the total loss, on the right will be when the insured object loses its inherent nature and cannot meet the mission to which it was intended.
You can also talk of total loss when the insured is stripped of the object insured irreparably.

2. Definition of loss

The Latin word perdĭta became, in our language, in loss. The concept is used to name the lack or absence of something that was. When a person has one thing and then lose, you can say that it suffered a loss.
For example: "the job loss was a blow for me", "After the loss of ball, LeBron James made a missing hard against Kobe Bryant", "It was a rich company, but after ten years of losses, ended in bankruptcy".
To lose something, you must first have it, whether it's physical or symbolic way. In other words: you can't miss what he never had.
In the field of Economics and finance, the losses represent a negative change in funds or resources. It is possible to warn the losses in the accounting records: If a company has more money outflows (by expenditure, investments, etc.) than revenues (sales), will have suffered losses.
The concept of loss is also linked to health. Various diseases or disorders are related to loss of faculties and capabilities. In this sense, you can say that deafness is hearing loss or blindness is the loss of vision, to cite two examples.
When a woman is pregnant, is called losses to the bleeding of greater or lesser intensity that suffers. These losses of blood may be due to some relevant topics, although they may also reflect a major drawback. Therefore, it is essential that your doctor is aware of these losses so that analyze the case.