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Definition of massacre

1 Meaning of massacre

A massacre is a type of murder which consists of killing several individuals at the same time and indiscriminately and characterized especially because victims are defenceless before that attack which are object, i.e., do not have the possibility of defending themselves. Generally, this form of murder is perpetrated by a person or a group that has a large weapons that makes the attack on several targets at the same time.
Then, the main feature that holds this murder is inequality of conditions between attacker and victim, since we always indicated the latter under inferior conditions. Another distinctive feature is that they usually have a huge burden of treachery, cruelty and violence
It should be noted that this extermination of people exists since man is man. Throughout history, human beings, have staged a side and the other, massacres.
It is clear that there are a multiplicity of factors that can cause a massacre, while in recent decades, we have been spectators of tremendous massacres detonated by what is popularly known as bullying (in its name in English) or Spanish form as bullying. Especially in the United States, a country that takes the lead in this regard, without a doubt, they have been repeated and very promoted the massacres carried out by schools and universities students who, under the pressure of not belonging or for x reason be excluded from the system decided to indiscriminately kill classmates and teachers.
One of the most notorious cases in this regard has been the school massacre in Columbine, in the State of Colorado, in the United States, in which two students of the institution, tired of the jokes and taunts beaten by classmates, decided to an arsenal of weapons and kill the individual was in front in the indicated school.
Another context in which is causing this type of mass annihilation and hyper violent is in the domestic sphere, in which often a spouse as a result of a deception or by receiving a constant abuse by his direct family surroundings, decides to exterminate them untimely and together, is to say, for example, a father who murders all of his children and his wife.

2. Definition of massacre

The word massacre is used to speak of acts of murder involving a number of people, the majority of these defenceless. The term massacre, however, does not have a clear and accurate definition and whether an act of murder is qualified or not as massacre depends on single and only a collective group or individual.
Throughout history, have been recorded events that are widely accepted and qualified as you massacres, since the Crusades, which, according to some estimates, came to produce more than five million deaths over three centuries, to events that are part of modern history. For example, in the colonial era included massacres such as the one perpetrated by Leopoldo II King of Belgium towards the populations who were victims of trafficking in slaves in the Congo. During this episode, the population of the Congo was reduced from 30 to 9 million.
Similarly, another well-known episode is the Holocaust by Nazi Germany towards the Jewish population and other vulnerable groups during the second world war. The nazi program, which included an entire annihilation of groups that were considered as undesirable, orderly system came to kill about six million Jews, although there are much higher estimates.
In Rwanda, less than 20 years ago, he also emphasized the attempted extermination of the tutsi population in the country by the Government, in a series of actions that left close to a million deaths, or little more than 10% of the population.
The word massacre may also be used as a verb to describe the action of kill people in large numbers in a brutal and indiscriminate way, as in the sentence "the army received orders to massacre the population of enemy". Similarly, the word massacre can be used in contexts that speak of unfortunate situations, as in "the appearance of the Minister was a massacre" or "audience massacred the speakers with very complicated questions".

3 Concept of massacre

To tell the truth, this time does not meet us a word too pleasant. But before moving on to explain it, it is worth reviewing its etymological origin. It comes from French massacre, which has the same meaning, and she in turn of the old macare (that would be carnage). Yes, throughout this article we are going to be focusing on massacre. If we look for it in any dictionary to this feminine noun, we will surely find an explanation which refers to the indiscriminate killing of several persons, which is usually characterized by the lack of protection of victims.
Despite being inaccurate in its scope, it usually applies to situations in which there is a marked inequality of power between victims and their perpetrators. In that context they are held and perform cruel, totally unnecessary and premeditated murders. Moreover, if we travel in imaginary time, we will see then that the massacre takes its first steps in antiquity. At that time was all a right that had the monarch. Meanwhile, Emilio Burucúa, researcher of Argentine nationality, claims that the massacres occurred in the history of humanity have a common denominator, which would be the sinister and dark which leads to his execution. On the other hand, according to this same specialist, in the massacres, it is more convenient to talk about triggers and not so many causes.
In another, it should be emphasized that the term in question do not enter in the Group of criminal offences established. But neither subscribe to international criminal law and domestic criminal law. Several really violent murders have been called with Word that summons us here. For an example, we could go to the massacre of the Ardeatine, which took place in Italy during the second world war. Another who also installed by the media universally use has been the Columbine Institute massacre, which was carried out by a couple of students in the United States.

Synonym of massacre

At the time of quote synonyms of the term in question, well could take into account the following: extermination, execution, annihilation, slaughter, massacre, immolation, Holocaust.

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