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Definition of mitigating

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1. Concept of mitigating

Dim v. tr. Reduce the intensity, severity or importance of something: the thick curtains failed to attenuate the light from the outside; the words of consolation attenuated the pain of a person.
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tr. Put soft or thin [a thing].
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Dim (ateˈnwaɾ)
transitive verb
decrease the intensity or value of something mitigate fear
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2 Meaning of mitigating

The word mitigate is a term frequently used in our language when we want to express the decrease experienced by someone or something in relation to the strength or intensity that normally presented. Unfortunately, Laura, had to reduce its activity because pregnancy feels very weak.
Although the blunt is a word we often use in our conversations, without a doubt, one of its synonyms, the lower, it is still more used to express the same issues still.
Lower precisely also it allows us to refer the fewest extension and intensity with which something occurs or something happens. When you get to the armhole you must decrease the points you have. We will have to decrease activity when John is here to accompany him more during your stay.
Although both terms use them to express the same thing, the decrease is more used in colloquial language.
Meanwhile, the word that is opposed to the concept is the increase, since it allows us to indicate the increase in size or number experiencing something or someone. Rents did not stop increase from half of last year.
On the other hand, the word mitigate is closely linked with the concept of mitigation, which presents special and use extended at the request of the judiciary.
In this context, the mitigation will be the circumstance that is taken, which intends, when it is necessary to decrease the responsibility of a person in the Commission of a crime. For example, if an individual who is not in his right mind kills another, surely, this circumstance will be promoted by the defence to achieve, or one condemns child by the judge court, either directly prevent it going to prison and instead be sent to a psychiatric Institute.
The situation which is at odds is the aggravating circumstance, which is the circumstance that can make an individual to receive one conviction for the offence committed. If an individual runs and kills another with his car and is given over to escape and not helps it, that situation will be taken as aggravating factor in the trial.

3. Definition of mitigating

The power of a signal decays with distance. Attenuation is the loss of the power of a signal, so that the signal arrives with enough energy is therefore necessary the use of amplifiers or repeaters located along the transmission system. Attenuation increases with frequency, temperature and time.

Attenuation is the main reason that the length of nets have several restrictions. If the signal is very weak, the receiving computer will not intercept well or will not recognize this information.