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Definition of Modular

1 Meaning of Modular

Modular programming is a programming paradigm that involves dividing a program into modules or subprogrammes in order to make it more readable and easy to use.
Shown historically as an evolution of the structured programming to solve problems of programming more large and complex which can resolve this.
By applying the modular programming, a complex problem must be divided into several simpler subproblems, and these in turn into other simpler subproblems. This must be done until subproblems simple enough as to be able to be easily resolved with some programming language. This technique is called successive refinement, divide and rule or analysis descending (Top-Down).
A module is each one of the parts of a program that solves one of the subproblems in which divides the original complex problem. Each of these modules has a well-defined task and some need others to operate. Where a module need another, you can communicate with this using an interface of communication that must also be clearly defined.
Even though a module can be understood as a part of a program in any of its forms and varied contexts, in practice often take as a synonymous with procedures and functions. But not necessary strictly a module is a function or a procedure, since it can contain many of them, it should not be confused the term "module" (in the sense of modular programming) with terms such as "function" or "procedure", characteristic of the language that supports it.

2. Definition of Modular

The modular floor has various applications in our language.
One of the most widespread uses is the one that allows us to see interrupted and harmonious tone of speech variation, either at the behest of a speech, a conversation, or in song, during the course of a musical performance. Yours is not a problem of bad voice but learn to modulate the same, in that way, are you you can hear much better.
It should be noted that all those individuals who perform professionally in the mass as the radio and television media must have proper modulation so that your messages are successfully decoded by the public.
In the field of Electronics also we find a reference to this word, which indicates the change in frequency or the amplitude of the electrical waves to transmit and receive best signals.
On the other hand, in music, will talk about modular, specifically, when an interpreter pass from one tone to another.
Meanwhile, in everyday use, modular Word presents a recurrent use in several Spanish-speaking countries, since thus refers to a piece of furniture of the type shelving, library, which has a vertical structure, usually of wood, on which are placed several tables horizontal, adjustable in height, and employ mostly to organize books or other items.
The edition of books generated on a large scale since the advent of the printing press the need for furniture that allow the layout and organization of these libraries, offices, studies, among others.
Usually, the modular usually do not have doors, found books on shelves and with their backs facing the front, which facilitates the rapid uptake and localization of them.
While we can find modular manufactured from different materials, wood, especially oak, is considered as the most suitable material for making them, especially by elegance provided by the aesthetics of it.

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