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El perfil psicológico de un patán

1. Concept of Patan

Lout adj./s. m.
1 fam. Applies to the man who behaves a little educated and rude manner: it looked like a gentleman, but at the table was a real jerk.
-s. m.
2. Man who lives and works in the field.
Manual of the Vox Spanish language dictionary. © 2007 Larousse Editorial, S.L.
m. fam.Villager or rustic.
adj-m fig. and fam.DIC. crude and uncouth man.
Vox encyclopedic dictionary 1. © 2009 Larousse Editorial, S.L.

2 Meaning of Patan

Does a patan?

According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish language, the word Patan is defined as:
1.-Villager, rustic
2-Man zafioso, rough
Literally, the above definition far from that, often, know. Those words that the dictionary used to define decent way to a patan, does not encompass the concept of a man with such characteristics and that surely every woman has had the misfortune to encounter, at least one, sometime in your life.
In summary the definition the ideal would be:
"A patan is a man who enjoys to humiliate, abuse, and devaluing any women, emotional abuse, psychological or physical, with the sole purpose of hiding the great inferiority to the has"

According to the theory of the patan you can meet them for this:
(1) Uses phrases like: "I don't like that dress" "don't you makeup, you look very good natural"
(2) If you samples affectionate in public and it glows red in public, means that not this comfortable with you do you do with someone who is not able to demonstrate his love in front of anyone else?
3) Always you this corrigindo dlante of your family or friends 'that is not said so"or"You don't know about this topic"etco interrunpiendote when you go to speak.
(4) If they are going to some place is the clueless looking at other women in front of you.It is the way more vile make you feel less, would you accept it?
(5) If it says: "those friends who have not I like" or critical to your family.
(6) Almost always says "If you do not I have known no serious no one"
(7) If you've changed your secure look that you will say that you don't like.
(8) If they go to a party the on the other hand goes to talk to other women, with the sole purpose of give you jealousy and lower your self-esteem
(9) These sick and is unable to go to your side to see that you need
10So s dares to push you, pull you or apply some kind of strength physics with you against your integrity is not only a PATAN but is also a coward.
This kind of men has a great inferiority complex that hide showing strong and powerful with someone who is left to manipulate...And a woman in love is the best dam.

3. Definition of Patan

When a man is attentive, listens, it is for you when you need it and you is loyal, it is more likely that you see it as your best friend that as a prospective groom and even one night stand style adventure. Why it seems that among the worse you treat, you most hooked with it?
Science explains it in the following way:
There is something called "The triad dark" or "The triad of Macdonald", which brings together three personalities considered to be deviant from normal parameters; in psychology These are:
• Narcissistic, in which the person is self-absorbed, selfish, vain and lack of empathy for others.

• Machiavellian, which is characterized by the manipulation and exploitation of others, with a focus on itself.

• Psychopath, characterized by the search for emotions, selfishness, insensitivity, lack of personal affection, superficial charm, and unforgiveness.
Dangerous personalities
Thus, the dark triad (TO) is a scale to mediate the levels of narcissism, Machiavellianism, and psychopathy in a person (there are even tests online that, although they are not 100% exact, can give us an idea on the subject). Apparently there are two scientific studies that confirm that people with larger scale in the TO are those who have a greater number of conquests, which could explain louts, who in theory should be repulsive, are irresistible to most women.
According to Las Cruces in New Mexico Professor, Peter Jonanson, the pataneria is an evolutionary mating strategy in which persons with a high percentage of these three personalities (TO) look for rewards in the long run. They are individuals looking for the easy things: casual sex, greater number of sexual partners, fewer money but more easily retrieved, etc.
This biological need of wanting to get things more quickly made them evolve their strategies, including the mating, which mixed with the three personalities of the TO, gives as a result the perfect jerk: narcissistic (just cares he and needs), Machiavellian (tell you anything just to get what I want from you), and psycho (will be charming at times(, but when do you any patanada will not feel the slightest remorse); now everything is felt!
James Bond syndrome
In fact there is no single explanation of the some men are so and others are not. Each case is particular, and develops some of the personalities of the TO, may indicate to child abuse or neglect, school bullying, and even genetic failures because of the brain that does not produce certain substances that keep us happy human beings (dopamine, endorphins, serotonin, etc).
What is proven in studies isolated from each personality is that they begin to manifest in childhood with behaviors such as animal cruelty, obsession with fire, eneuresis, etc. Children who have one TO three personalities (or all) may be louts in youth or adult.
Must we resign ourselves?
In addition to studying at the University of New Mexico, there is another of the Bradley University, which took place in 57 countries. The leader of the research, Dr. David Schmitt, found a relationship between the dark triad and reproductive success in men. Respondents who came out highest in the profile of the TO were those who had more sexual partners.
We don't know yet exactly why women feel attracted towards this type of men, some say that it is by challenge, others by the maternal and protective sense, however what is clear is that although we have ever fallen with a jerk in our life that made us see our luck, the science is on our side:
It is a latest study conducted at the University of Lancashire points out that when it comes to project ourselves to the future and establish ourselves, biology does not fail: women prefer men to suppliers and have parental and protective, trends