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A patio (from the latin pac through the Occitan patu) is an area without roofing located in the interior of a building. In a House, courtyard can be used as a place of recreation, offering security and preserving privacy.
The patio can be surrounded by walls that separate it from other neighboring courtyards or street, while the courtyard surrounded completely by the other parts of the same building is typical of the Spanish cities. In any case, will be an area homeless. You can have any part of it covered but in this case there will have no separation with the rest of the patio. How much any column or arcade to support the structure of the shed or porch.
There are courtyards in high residential buildings to lighting the rooms on each floor. The back of the courtyard will be private annex to the floor or first floor dwelling, will be a common area accessible or closed, or else will be inaccessible for security reasons. These courtyards can match other similar neighbouring buildings and also meet with one side open to the street to get more light.
The soil of playgrounds can be paved, or own a garden area. In any case, it tends to have a system of drainage or evacuation of rain water to avoid their accumulation. Roman houses (domus) used to have a tank of water, or impluvium, directly filling with rain.
In Andalusia special importance is given to playgrounds and in some towns and cities like Cordoba are organized parties and contests to encourage care and decoration.

2. Definition of Patio

The patio is that part of a building that has no roof and, in general, is intended for recreation so residents or users of the building can enjoy outdoor. The advantage of the patios is that they allow to make use of a space open in terms of its design, but private in terms of access.
For example: "my dream is to have a big house with patio, so that the kids can play and have fun in a safe manner", "If you're still doing this heat, the night we eat on the patio", "the kind of football was suspended because the school yard was flooded after the storm".
The design of the patio can have different characteristics. Houses earmarked for single family dwellings, usually located at the bottom or at the entrance of the residence. When it comes to buildings that housed several families, on the other hand, the patio is usually placed in the middle of the building. The same happens in buildings such as schools or hospitals.
In the courtyard they can be placed tables, chairs, benches and other pieces of furniture to increase the comfort of its users. It is also common to install decorative fountains or sculptures pieces.
It is often a courtyard to combine areas paved with others where the soil is formed by Earth or grass. When the entire surface to the outside of a House is covered with grass, it is not garden and patio.
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