What is the meaning of Peak? Concept, Definition of Peak

Definition, Concept, Meaning, What is Peak

1. Definition of peak

The meanings of peak are very diverse, which makes that we can find this word in different areas. You can try the Summit or Summit of a lift, especially when it ends in a point. For example: "Reach the peak of this mountain must be an arduous task", "the Chilean Mountaineer set a new record to reach the peak in just fifty-three minutes", "the researchers noted, with binoculars, a family of Eagles settled at the peak of the sierra".
A peak is also a point that emerges some kind of surface or found on the edge of something. The concept, on the other hand, refers to the completion of a bottle or container that allows you to pour its contents in a simple way: "do not drink directly from the peak: Here you have a glass", "the child is hit with the peak of the bobbin and hurt your head".
There is, on the other hand, a tool known as peak, which offers tips and is taken by a handle. The peak is used to break rocks or make holes in hard surfaces: "when I was young, I worked in a quarry: was all day with the Pickaxe and shovel", "police believe that the murder weapon may have been a peak".
The unknown amount or which exceeds to a round figure also receives the name of peak: "We spend two hundred-something dollars in drinks for the party", "the price of the book was thirty and pico, I remember with precision".
In birds and other animals, the peak is the mouth. Shaped with the jaws and allows processing of food: "Looks like this bird takes the bread with his beak", "La gaviota was carrying a fish at its peak".

2. Concepts of peak

Summit (topography)

In topography, a Summit is a point on a surface that is higher in altitude than all points immediately adjacent to it.
Generally, the term top only is used for the mountain peaks that have a significant degree of topographic prominence or topographic Singularity (great distance to the nearest point of higher elevation); Thus, a rocky block close to the main Summit of a mountain is not considered a top.
Peaks close to another higher, with less prominence or isolated, that do not reach a certain value limit, normally, are considered to be subcimas (or subpicos) from the main peak and, therefore, part of the same mountain.
A pyramidal peak is a Mountain Summit with pointed form produced by ice erosion.

Peak (Zoology)

The peak is the type of mouth characteristic of birds and also found in other animals. It is composed of the maxilla and the mandible or jaw and characteristically covered by a corneal case called ranfoteca.
The peak is the only structure that have birds for processing foods. Birds don't have teeth, so they swallow their food whole. The form of the beak of a bird depends on your diet. For example, parrots use their sharp peaks for hulling fruits and nuts, hummingbirds have a spout tube to extract nectar from flowers. In other birds the males used to attract females (such as hornbills and toucans). The Pelican is long, sharp and straight, to penetrate with little resistance in the water, and a fold of skin in the lower jaw to catch the fish. Eagles and other birds of prey have sharp beak-shaped hook, in order to more easily tear the meat of the animals on which they feed.
Peaks are not unique to birds, these are also found in monotremes (Platypus and Echidna), it had some old therapsids (as the listrosaurio), turtles and have it some cephalopod molluscs such as squid.

Peak (tool)

Peak or cherry to a tool consisting of a bar of iron or steel, with a wooden handle is called.
It is widely used for digging in hard ground and remove stones. Used on construction sites, to dig ditches or remove loose material, and also in agriculture work.
It consists of a steel part of about 60 cm long and 5 of thickness, and a wooden handle, perpendicular to the metal part; This metal part tapered at one end and is flat with wide edge and sharp on the other. The end which ends at punta is used on hard floors and presence of stones, while the wide end is used for soft floors, excavations and desterronado.
It is called a Pickaxe, espiocha or peak of tip and paddle to a variant of the peak in which one end shaped hoe narrow and elongated.