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Improved is an adjective that applies to that which is susceptible of improvement. Note that perfect action consists of increasing the qualities or the quality of something, turning it into something better.
For example: "I present the new vehicle model to manufactured our company: of course, is an improved design in which we will continue to work", "the Manager believes that it is an interesting, although improvement project", "we have a very effective training method, but is still perfectible as we all".
In a broad sense, there is nothing that is not perfectible, since any human creation can be improved: perfection is impossible. That's why, even in the developments achieved and more efficient, can always improve something (performance, aesthetics, cost, etc.).
Take the case of democracy. In general, there is a consensus that democracy is the best system of Government. This takes away, however, that an improved system. The laws that govern it and the institutions that comprise it be modified so that social organization is increasingly more suited to the needs of the people.
The perfectibility of all modes, can be subjective. For one person, "La Gioconda" by Leonardo Da Vinci is the perfect artwork; for another, on the other hand, picture could improve with certain aggregates of color or other details.
Perfectible, finally, also depends on the time. The existing treatment today against HIV, to cite one case, is the best that can be developed according to scientific knowledge of today. However, it is a perfectible future treatment since, perhaps, in the coming years to achieve creating a vaccine against the virus or a pill that eliminates the Agency's.