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Definition of petrous bone

1 Meaning of petrous bone

A rock is a large rock located in high place, a large and high penalty that can be moved by mechanical processes, such as water currents, land movements, or the force of gravity on slopes enough inclined.
A penalty is a hill, mountain or Rocky lump, usually isolated from other elevations of higher altitude in relation to this. Normally, sentences are formed when a glacier or an ice layer pass over an area that contains rock layers particularly elastic, being often a granite plug or some other volcanic structure. The force of the glacier erodes the weaker material that surrounds it, leaving the Rocky block upright with respect to the surrounding terrain. Often the penalty serves as partial shelter to softer material which is located in the wake of the glacier, which remains as a ridge forming a narrow ramp (called a tail) to the face that gives to Leeward of the penalty.
In other instances, or those in which the training has been surrounded by the sea, the tail disappears often, having been eliminated by posterior to the effect of glacier erosion.
Examples of formations of rocks and tails are:
• Castle Rock in Edinburgh, Scotland is the rock on which Edinburgh Castle stands.
• The Stirling Castle is located on a rock in Stirling, Scotland.
• The penalty Bernal, located in the State of Querétaro, Mexico.
• Peña Careses, in Asturias, Spain
A similar formation, with a lower concentration of materials characterized by its elasticity at its core is known with the name of drumlin.

2. Definition of Cliff

A cliff is a shame of great size that is, in general, to a certain height. Penalties, on the other hand, can be very heavy and large rocks or Rocky type lifts.
Rocks are formed from nature, as a ground movement procedures, the action of the water or the force of gravity when applied on slopes of large inclination.
For example: "the German climber was attached to the cliff, but finally slipped and fell the vacuum", "If you watch with a binoculars towards the cliff, you will appreciate the nest of Eagles", "I told local residents that the Crag is covered in snow during the winter,".
Other meanings of the concept accepted by the dictionary of the Real Academia Española (RAE) refer to a type of mollusk, a kind of fabric and a region of the temporal bone that protects the inner ear.
Puerto Penasco, on the other hand, is a city located in the State of Sonora (Mexico). The area stands out for its natural beauty, combining beaches, Islands and desert regions. Thanks to these features, managed to become a tourist center of importance that receives a number increasing visitors. The town, of all forms, obtained important income of fishing that takes place off its coast.
Penasco, finally, is also the name of a population of New Mexico, in the United States, which has less than six hundred inhabitants according to the census that took place in 2010.

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