What is the meaning of Picket? Concept, Definition of Picket

Definition, Concept, Meaning, What is Picket

Concepto de Piquete

1. Concept of picket

Picketing is a form of protest where a group of people, within the context of a strike, try this is seconded. Given that occasionally pickets employ expeditious methods, often it is informational picket to refer specifically to those who seek to defend the right to strike of all workers using legitimate information or the conviction means.
The characteristics of this phenomenon refers to the protest movements, carried out by groups of people, organized or not, which may belong to trade unions or trade unions.
Initially, the pickets were spontaneously, in historical places, or in front of important buildings (banks, House of Government, legislature, courts Palace,) among others.
The purpose of a picket is the generate changes in a situation of disagreement, whether political, economic, environmental, social order, etc. Sometimes, the realization of a picket abandons its category of peaceful call, and becomes a demonstration with violence.
The pickets are legal in many countries in accordance with the laws favorable to the right of Assembly, provided that they do not cause obstruction or intimidation. Anyway, many countries have legal restrictions to the use of pickets.

2. Definition and what is picket

The first meaning of the term picket collecting dictionary of the Real Academia Española (RAE) refers to the slight injury that occurs with some element with tip. The concept is also used to name the aggression that is to introduce fingers in the eyes of a person, as they used to "The three Stooges" in the famous comedy television.
For example: "player became an eye poke at his rival, but the judge did not warn him," "spider left me a picket on the arm that still burns me", "a young man was killed by a picket line that an offender dealt".
The notion of picketing is also used to name the set of individuals who meet in a public space to make a protest and express their claims. Usually picket seeks to interrupt circulation or free transit (for streets, highways or routes, etc.) with the intention of drawing attention and exert greater pressure.
The pickets, as a method of protest, may have varied characteristics. While some develop peacefully, others appeal to violence and coercion.
From legislation, pickets are often regarded as a form of valid protest, framed in the right to meet and demonstrate that citizens have. However, sometimes they can be declared illegal since they prevent the rest of the people can move, or because they intimidate the population that is not part of the protest.