What is the meaning of Pita? Concept, Definition of Pita

Definition, Concept, Meaning, What is Pita

Concepto de Pita

1. Concept of Pita

Bread pita is a type of flat bread consumption in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially in the Middle East, cooked in the oven walls. It is characterized for being a hollowed bread that can be filled with all kinds of food.
Etymologically, the name is derived from the Greek word modern πίτα, used to designate "cake" or "bread".
It is a traditionally Bulgarian meal is served accompanied by honey and salt Bulgarian wedding is delivered to the bride and groom, a series of rituals that signify equality and sweetness of the married life.

2 Meaning of Pita

PITA is a term with different uses. You can try different plants, owned by families such as the agavoideas or the bromeliads. Usually it's thorny plants which, thanks to the characteristics of its fibres, allows to produce a thread that is widely used in various industrial sectors.
The pita that is native to Mexico, to cite one of these plants, allows to obtain different types of yarn, paper, beverages (like tequila or pulque), and to make musical instruments.
Pita, on the other hand, is a kind of bread typical of some Arab Nations, which have as main characteristic be flat (with scant amount of crumb). Bread pita can be used for making sandwiches or as an accompaniment to meals.
In some regions of Spain, pita is the name given to the children's game which consists in pursuing someone else for any purpose. This game is also known, in other areas, as poisonous stain, whip, bring it and plague, among other denominations.
Pitas, on the other hand, are birds with colorful feathers living in forested areas. These birds eat invertebrates, such as different types of insects.
Verb pitar, finally, is the action of performing a blast (express disagreement or rejection through hissing or whistling) or, in the sporting context, act as arbitrator. PITA is one of this verb conjugates. For example: "Today pita a Chilean judge", "If you are not who pita... who is who is screaming to me?", "Manuel pita and you shortcuts, okay? Then we change roles".

3. Definition and what is Pita

Pita bread

The Pita bread is Arabic influence although today is in the shops in many countries and is part of the cuisine of many cultures.
Ingredients for pita bread
• 500 g wheat flour (can use it comprehensive)
• 30 g pressed yeast or bakery.
• 1 teaspoon unrefined sea salt.
• 1 glass of lukewarm water.
• 1 tablespoon of olive oil (can also use which have)

Production of pita bread

• Knead all the ingredients together until a fine and homogenous mass. It is important that both our hands and the surface on which we are amassing is always harinada so that the dough does not stick)
• We will divide the dough or ball resulting in a 50 gram balls. We return them to knead a little each and let them stand for 30 minutes.
• Crush and estiraremos each ball until you get an omelette or pancake round about 20 centimeters.
• Place them on a floured cloth (so not engage) and let them stand until reach, more or less, double its original volume.
• Will put them in the oven, previously heated to about 220 degrees, on a lightly oiled Pan (so they don't stick) for 10 minutes. During cooking you will see they swell a little. To remove them they shrink and are slightly hollow by the Center.

Our Council

If we make to eat freshly made, it is convenient to save them between clean cloths to maintain warm and tender pita bread.
To eat them we need to make a cut or split on one side and inside we can update from cheese, jam, pâté of chickpeas (hummus), vegetable pate... in order any food that you like.
If we many be frozen and we will always have crafted this delicious pita bread.
In many shops already sold virtually made (pre-cooked) often just have to bake them or put them in the toaster minutes. If before we moisten them slightly with water yet they will be still more crisp.