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Definition and What is puppet

Old year is a puppet that basically represents the year ending, made with old clothes, cardboard or paper, stuffed with straw or sawdust and frequently with pyrotechnics, to be burned at midnight on December 31 in a large number of Latin American countries, from Mexico to Uruguay although the custom is more rooted from the point of view of people in EcuadorColombia and some regions of Venezuela.
The ritual must be differentiated from the party of the Judas, who despite having similar characteristics has different connotations and is celebrated in some regions of Spain and Latin America, at the beginning of the week of Easter or resurrection Sunday.
Also the old year should be differentiated from the effigies that are incinerated in political protests, although they also tend to represent specific characters or symbols of organizations and countries reject objects, because they perform at any time of the year and without the ritual elements of December 31.
Basic features
• The development, display static or processional and culminated with the burning of the old year, in the midst of a party full of symbols, is part of the end-of-year or new year's Eve celebrations.
• Dolls that are made in family, groups of friends or neighbors and displayed in neighborhoods and out of the contest organized by some regional authorities, usually represented in non-specifically to an old man with gray hair and wrinkles, expression sad or pitiful if this mask is very elaborate.
• Dolls that are made for parades and local contests often caricatural way represent significant events or real or more specific, especially negative identities related to politics, show business and sport and in general notable, popular famous characters in the locality or region during the past year, and precisely the wisdom and humor in this representation are the factors that most juries of competitions take into account to reward the best work.
• In most regions also the doll is accompanied by musicians and a comparsa or staging with symbolic characters such as the widow, the weeper and the devil.
• In many places, before or after burning, read a "testament", in which, as a culmination of the catharsis, with ironic or satirical language becomes count of events that characterized the period which ended and recommendations are given to their players for the new year.
Incineration at midnight on December 31, the doll is a ritual of purification to ward off bad luck or the negative energies of the period ending, as well as transition therefore also celebrated the arrival of the new year by abolishing the above. As a ritual of fire representing the Suppression of his past to allow a regeneration time and energies, the burning of a snowman is common in many cultures and even with transposition dates and times has similar significados.1
In the majority of Latin American countries to the custom is attributed a Hispanic origin and in Spain similar Customs possibly be derived from ancient pagan European [citation needed] such as the Saturnalia of the Romans or Celts ritual as Olentzero in the Basque country and Navarre in Spain.
In some countries, like Peru and Mexico, the custom already had pre-Hispanic Aboriginal indigenous history in agricultural and purifying rites, and some elements such as dances and costumes for the troupe have been incorporated into the ritual today as part of the syncretism of a mestizo culture.

Concept of puppet

Puppet, puppet, or "All-in-one". A word full of connotations and that it does not usually leave pleasant sensations. Human figure of straw or cloth mantea village in the shrovetide (Carnival).
Synonym of puppet:
ignorant •
• Scarecrow
• puppet
• awkward
• puppet
• bamboche
• unhappy
• Specter
• unhappy
• snowman
• man
• all-in-one
• puppet
• punchinello
Some of the related synonym of puppet are figurative.