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Definition of small

1 Meaning of small

Spanish, it is an expressive voice; common to all Romance languages. But as well, apart from its epistemological character, we have a term that has different meanings. The first one indicates: reduced size, less than normal or common. In this sense we could illustrate saying: My House has three rooms, two small and one larger.
On the other hand, another of its meanings refers to that it is insufficient in number. In this case we could in particular exemplify something that is commonly seen in sports competitions, especially in football. To the party today, the visiting ensemble has brought a very small group of fans. Meanwhile, another daily use given to this term has to do with that applies to a person who has very little age. For this case, graficariamos in this way: I came across Federico, a former high school teammate, who told me that he has a little boy and a little girl of 12 years.
But not end uses of the word which summons us in this opportunity there. Of course that there are more. For instance, another of its meanings says: that is of little importance, duration or intensity. As well, an example we could say: Yes, the game is played, just dropped a little downpour so the golf is in perfect condition. Meanwhile, other definitions of small indicates that it is modest or little power. Perhaps for this meaning in particular, the best way to graficarlo would be: it is only a small trader in the field, it has no influence among the leading capitalists of the sector.
Synonym of small
Always taking into account the context and the meaning that is used, can attend these synonyms: creature, Cryo, infant, kid, boy, nene, child; Dwarf, low, small, short, insignificant, tiny, and tiny among others.

2. Definition of small

The small adjective usually refers to something whose dimensions are lower against other things of identical species. Faced two entities of the same type, therefore, the smallest is whichever girl, short, or reduced. For example: "what TV you like most? The large or the small? "," life drove small cars: I think that it could not get used to driving a pickup truck ","Miguel is a small man, short stature, who dressed informally and wear glasses".
The idea of small can also apply with respect to the age. Small, in this sense, children are: "a small five years astonished the world to interpret the anthem in front of thousands of spectators," "I have three children: Joseph, Baldomero and Raul", "what are you doing in this small place? Permitted access to adults".
It is possible to use the concept in a symbolic way, i.e., no relation to the physical nature of things. Rather small, in this sense, is what lacks relevancy or depth: "I don't think upset me for a small problem, there are more important things that deal with", "Please, tell the boss that I am delayed since I had a hiccup with the car", "I started doing small tasks in the company and, little by little, the executives were giving me more responsibilities".
"Small", finally, is the title of an album from Spanish singer Enrique Bunbury. Released in 1999, the album consists of twelve songs that add up to fifty-six minutes of music.

3 Concept of small

The small Word is what more we use when we want to refer to what is a reduced size or stature in relation to each other that belong to the same category or species. John Martin is the smallest of its Commission. My car is the smallest of the garage.
Also, when something is scarce in number the small Word is used to refer it.
Other equally frequent use we give to the small Word is to indicate low or scarce age presenting a person. The smaller sister, come first me, then my brother Juan and finally Mary. Meanwhile, and by extension of this use is that the small Word also use it a lot in everyday language as a synonym for children. The younger members of my sister are very naughty.
Also, when something presents a short extension, a limited importance or a fleeting intensity is often used the small Word to account for the situation. Thus we can find with: the special kind issued by the consultant that disappointed me was so small. Fortunately its cut in the leg is small and not had to stitch it.
On the other hand, to those issues that stand out by presenting a low category or a little power usually is described as small. My grandmother perceived is so small that it does not reach you to keep. The organization is small you may not impose its voice and vote in the Assembly.
And in small is a very popular expression that we usually use when the purpose is to refer to someone or something is similar to another, though with a measure and proportion a lot more tiny. You're your father but small.
The concept that is directly opposed to the small is big.

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