What is the meaning of Tone? Concept, Definition of Tone

Definition, Concept, Meaning, What is Tone


1. Concept of tone

The tone Word can have several applications since its meaning is wide enough to be used in different way. The notion of tone always implies the presence of a scale, either of sounds, colors, etc., in which tone is one of the links or parts that make up the whole. Thus, a colour scale can have several ringtones that will be characterized by elements or particular and distinguishable traits from one another. Needless to say that since nature is no orderly systematic way, the notion of tone or scale is an invention of human beings to classify and organize the information that we receive from the media.
One of the most common ways in which the word tone is used is one that has to do with colors. This is related to the idea of chromatic scale in which there are colors (red, blue and yellow) primary and secondary colors (violet, Orange and green) that are solid. Between each of these colors solid found at least one tone that is a combination of both colors and linking them in a more progressive manner. A greater presence of tones we find between one color and the other (for example, between red and yellow), we talk of greater or lesser presence of light since she is, in short, that gives rise to the different hues. Thus, a red with more light that another will come close to orange and then this will be close to yellow.
Another form used the term tone is one that has to do with sounds. The tone of voice or some sound volume is variable and can also be classified into more or less specific scales ranging from very low and silent sounds to sound high and very stun. The intermediate tones among the lowest, acceptable volume and the top are numerous and allow our ear to adapt to different types of sounds.

2 Definition of tone

The term tone, is applied in various forms, most all artistic. The tone is a variable with which a measurement is expressed in what is implemented. The main fields in which applies the term tone are painting and music, perhaps this way to better understand the conception of the term. The etymology shows us that its origin is from the latin "Tonus" which means "Voltage", this gives us an idea initial while higher tone, more alive is the variable that is being studied.
The musical tone is the order given to the sound emitted by the voice or musical instruments that serve as accompaniment in the musical Act. The musicians play in a specific colour, studying music from a technical point of view and from there produce a hierarchical picture of musical ringtones that should work. The main musical tones are popularly known as: DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA, SI. To sing them is evidence to argue an elevation of tone of voice. Learning to graduate this scale refers a domain of the tone in which it is sung or the instrument is played. Sometimes music is played in various shades, this is also due to the type of rhythm that is playing, and this one does is characteristic not gradual.
The diversity of tones in the colors mark a variety in the range available at the time of painting, we have a large chromatic circle in which all possible combinations that can be made are evident. It is common to say a painting that uses dark and grayish colors have an opaque shade, or a canvas prepared with yellow and red tones presents a colorful tone. Finally, tone of the colors mostly denotes the presence of a feeling by the painter. The inspiration of this is forced to use the corresponding colors and thus give to understand the tone of his creation.

3. Meaning of tone

The concept of tone comes from the latin tonus, which in turn derives from a Greek word meaning "tension". The term has several uses and meanings, being the most frequent that linked to the sounds.
In the field of acoustics, therefore, tone is the property of sound that allows you to sort them treble to serious according to their frequency.
The perception of sound is related to the concept of height. This means that the sounds can qualify as high or low according to this height. For example: "my singing teacher suggested I begin to sing in a higher tone", "concert was a disaster as the artist was out of tone in most of the songs," "I'm sorry, I can not sing this topic: is not my tone".
The tone is also a specific mode of expressing a thing according to the purposes or the mental conditions of the speaker: "I forbid me again to speak with this tone", "and that tone of voice? Do you have a problem? "."
In the same way not we cannot ignore the fact that the mentioned term also is used in a way often in the field of anatomy. In this case, the frequent is talk of muscle tone, which comes to refer to what is the contraction of the muscles that are responsible for determining the position of a person.
Referred to as tone, on the other hand, beep is listening on a phone when there is available or the signal that sounds after dialing the number which is intended to establish a communication: "the phone doesn't work, several days ago that it is without tone", "I tried to call you, but I was busy all afternoon".
And all this without forgetting that there is a wide range of expressions that make use of this concept that we are analyzing. So, for example, it says "uploaded tone" to refer to any comment, joke or conversation characterized by referencing an obscenity. In this sense we can establish the following sentence: "that group of friends kept up dialogue of tone that talked about the most unique sexual experiences that had".
"Tone out" is another cited expressions that we use regularly. With her what comes to determine, in a colloquial way, is that a comment made in the bosom of a conversation is considered to be entirely inappropriate.
The verbal phrase "tone down" would also be in relationship. This is typically used to determine that a person, who has previously made a comment or an absolutely inadequate or arrogant, expression has changed their behaviour and has opted to continue to maintain a dialogue in a calm and humble way.
Finally would emphasize that colloquial level is used also the expression "be in tune" to describe that, within an intimate moment, a person is prepared to maintain a sexual relationship.
Tone can also be the light level of a color or the particular accent on the pronunciation.