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1 Concept of type

The most popular use of the word types is to refer to a model or exemplary, although it can also refer to the characteristic example of a species or genus; kind or nature that present things and also the representative of something figurative symbol.
At the behest of biology a type species is one that is used to determine a taxonomic group of higher rank, as a genus or family, then, this family type is which allows to carry out an accurate description and characterization of the group in question, which will consist of generic characters that will allow them to be distinguished from those that belong to a different species.
On the other hand, in the field of printing font is the set of letters designed with a same unity of style. This is accomplished because the letters of the same type are composed by a coordinated set of glyphs.
Although it is frequent that font is used as a synonym for the term sources, the reality tells us that this is not correct, because a source appoints a member of a family of type-specific, while when we talk about font we are referring to the appearance of a group of related sources.
It is also recurrent in the language stream and informal that people use the term type to refer to a man or individual with a derogatory sense. It was a type that attacked her.
And the interest rate turns out to be a type of index that is regularly used to calculate the profitability of savings or cost of a credit. This percentage obtained allows to determine that amount of money can be obtained or would be paid at a precise period of time, depending on the sum invested or requested.

2 Meaning of type

The Word type is derived from the latin typus, and defined, in one of its meanings most common, as something that clasifica and gives you some kind things. However, the word is quite wide, and depending on the context different meanings can find you.
To refer an individual word type, can be used as in "Talk to the type there" or "I spoke to him just such and nor I look". Your use of this form is not very common and most of the time tends to have a derogatory connotation. In a similar way, the Word type can also be used to refer to those individuals who are different or peculiar, as "Is an all that man".
In biology, it is essential to have a classification of all animals and plants, by which groups taxonomy are divided into types, so easier grouping, locating and studying living beings with similar characteristics.
In the world of typography and design, referred to as font to each one of the pieces that, with its relief, can print letters on paper. In today's computer world, typeface is also a vector representing all usable characters to write, so that the user can write and erase with different letter styles with just a few clicks.
In justice systems, referred to as criminal a group of actions that are considered as an offence or crime and that they therefore deserve a punishment or other sanction. A State has an obligation to consider as criminal offences only those actions that are criminal types, since otherwise they can not or should be sanctioned under a known principle the principle of legality, which says that everything that is not forbidden is permitted.

3. Definition of type

The type is a model or example. So we say: "this person is not my type of man or woman," because disagrees with our parameter selected as ideal. Family type is the usual family in a country, for example, marriage with two children, in the Western world.
Type, employed as a class or variety of things, is used to talk about for example, types of soil, types of teaching, types of books, types of music, etc.
Also called type characteristics or traits that has someone or some thing. "This House is not of the type that I dreamed", or "life carrying Juan is not the type of healthy life called" also according to a model consistent with the first meaning given to the term.
Also called type a man of peculiar behaviors or traits. Thus in psychology refers to an introvert or Extrovert, blood, phlegmatic, type etc. Or also human types by its physical conformation can be distinguished: type athletic, picnico or methodological.
Font is used to designate characteristics that identify how italics writings, printers, capital letters, arial, etc.
In criminal law, the type, means the criminal figure describing the punishable conduct. For example when the Criminal Code says "which kills another" it criminalizes conduct qualified as homicide. Made such that it is qualified as a criminal offence it must exactly match the described type, since it is not allowed in criminal law, applying to cases similar, that is, by analogy, as in the Civil law.
The exchange rate is the ratio between the value of the currency of various countries.