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Definition of Unexpected

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1. Concept of Unexpected

Unexpected,-ta adj./s. m. Applies to the event, situation, or expenditure not envisaged: a journey always emerges some unforeseen.
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adj. Not planned.
m. pl. In administrative language, expenses for which there is no credit enabled and distinct.
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unexpected,-ta (impɾe'βisto,-ta)
done that not has been able to be known early so an unexpected problem arose.
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unexpected, unforeseen
1 unthinkable, unexpected, unpredictable, off-guard, inadvertent. planned, suspected.
sudden, sudden, incidentally, 2 as rained from the sky, as fallen out of the clouds.
of unforeseen adverbial phrase unexpectedly, with one blow, of improvise, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, unexpectedly.
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2 Meaning of Unexpected

The unexpected is the opposite than expected, which in turn comes from the verb have foreseen, with etymology in the latin "praevidēre" which means to see something in advance. Therefore something unforeseen is happening while we had in mind, when it occurs without signs or early signs that might announce it. For example: "I could not arrive at the meeting, unforeseen arose me" "I was quiet and focused, when suddenly crossed me a horse, and I had to do a bad maneuver to avoid it".
Right to these unforeseen events are referred to as acts of God, and are exemption from responsibility, for example, missing classes or to work by getting sick, by a flood in the streets or in the home, etc. Sometimes events are expected but they can not be avoided, it is called force majeure, for example, where the same work, if someone can not attend because of a scheduled surgery.
Organized societies, in general, have measures to prevent or reduce the damage that can cause unforeseen generals, as for example, floods, fires or earthquakes. How much more protected are those communities less will be their vulnerability.
Unforeseen events can generate situations of great stress, since they require a rearrangement with the new situation, and this is more or less difficult depending on the personalities. However, some unexpected can be happy, for example: "the arrival of this child was unexpected, but we filled of happiness" or "It was unexpected to get this job so well" or "proposed me marriage, my boyfriend suddenly".