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Definition of vague

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1. Vague concept

vague,-sa adj. That is not accurate or detailed: they have given me a vague address and I have not found the House. precise.
Manual of the Vox Spanish language dictionary. © 2007 Larousse Editorial, S.L.
adj. Not precise, vague, indefinable.
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imprecise, vague
vague, vague, indeterminate, inaccurate, indefinite, undecided, in¬definible, abstract. determined, concrete, definite.
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2 Meaning of vague

The imprecise is the antonym of the must, which is vague or indefinite, and can apply to things, attitudes, events, gestures, colors or ideas.
The imprecise can generate confusion or lack of confidence, not limited to aspects or certain limits. When we don't want to point out something we use certain words, such as "a man", "somewhere", "it happened there", which avoids the certainty.
For example: "the explanation that you give me the facts is inaccurate, because you're not sure where and when took place" or "if I follow the path that tells me, sure I miss, since it is very imprecise, tries to guide me better" or "your field boundaries are imprecise, it can give rise to problems of property with your neighbor, you must call a surveyor to delimit it" or "the professor was vague when he explained the way in which we will evaluateIt was not me clear.
Within the sciences there are some that are accurate, as exact sciences, and other less, such as science, social, legal sciences or science policy, Act human, not to be that of a machine, is not completely predictable and often wrong.
With regard to the concepts, some can say that other more or less precise (for example the concept of health or disease) and other very imprecise are precise (for example the concept of number). In the latter case we can mention for example, the concept of youth, which may depend on age, with varying limits, but mainly in the spirit of the person, because it may be old but feel very young. The concepts that are derived from others are imprecise.