What is the meaning of Bar? Concept and Definition of Bar

Definition of bar

Concepto de Barra

1. Concept of bar

A bar is a piece longer than thick, made of metal, wood or other material, which often have cylindrical or prismatic shape. This term has multiple uses depending on the context, since there is a wide variety of bars.
The bar can be a bar or a similar trade counter. In the case of the bars or restaurants, bar is used as a table for the client, either standing or sitting on a stool, eat or drink something. For example: "my grandfather spent hours and hours in the bar of the bar, drinking wine with friends and discussing soccer", "go to the bar so we ask a few drinks", "I ate a slice of pizza in the bar and then went to the Office".
In Latin America, the notion of bar is used to name the public that attends sessions of an Assembly or court, the supporters of any athlete or sports group and the Group of friends who meet frequently: "The judge had to ask for silence to the bar on several occasions", "the sports San Pedro bar caused serious incidents at the gate of the stadium""Tomorrow I will dine with the bar to celebrate the birthday of Luis".
A bar, on the other hand, can be a lever of iron that is used to move heavy stuff: "reach me the bar run this box", "I need a bar to force the door".
The roll of gold or other metal unworked ("Juan has a gold bar in your safe deposit box") and the vertical or oblique graphic sign that is used, in writing, to separate ("Marcelo is my friend/boyfriend for many years") are other uses of the concept of bar.

2. Definition of bar

The Spanish Royal Academy makes to derive the word vulgar latin bar. In the Middle Ages was a barrier allowing you to stop the carriages through a trunk roads to collect tolls. Then this word was used to designate any object, material doverso, elongated, cylindrical or prismatic shape, some thick, but where length is the predominant across the width. In this way, for example, is called bar elongated counter of a bar.
Also a lever of iron material, or metal rolls called bar uncut, as the gold bars, which often are purchased not for purposes of luxury goods, but as an investment.
Another meaning is to designate as a bar to the railing that separates in courts or assemblies, the site where is judged or deliberate, than the one intended for the public. You can also mention a piece of bread start form, or musically line that sections of the staff with the aim of dividing the compasses.
In computing the toolbar is the icon set with instructions, with fitness to allow the user to access certain features or tools within an application. There are fixed (irremovable) bars and mobile or floating.
Bar codes are a way of writing numbers and letters, which combines bars and spaces of different and parallel dimensions, to recognize one thing or product data in coded form.
Bar charts are representations in the form of columns of rectangular shape, whose length is proportional to the values that they represent, and are used to compare different cases or situations. They are very seldom used in statistics.
In many Latin American countries is also called bar to a set of humans supporting a person or group in a competition. Mostly used in soccer teams. The barras bravas are awesome by the way they express their accession to certain teams aggressively towards their rivals.

3 Meaning of bar

The word bar has several references.
Those parts which have a cylindrical and elongated shape called them bars.
On the other hand, in gastronomy, more precisely at the behest of bread products, called bar to that piece of bread which has an elongated and prismatic form.
Also, the word is extensively used to nominate the counter of a bar, a restaurant, a nightclub, among other establishments, in which customers carry out orders and also can remove food and drinks. In addition, the counter can be used to display certain products made by local and which are on sale.
Meanwhile, in the field of music, the bar is a musical sign and expression calls to that line that has the Mission of cutting the staff to so separate the bars.
In heraldry, which is art that deals with the explanation of the elements present in the coats of arms, lineage or cities, bar is a strip that crosses the shield from the top right to bottom left.
In addition, the word bar will find it contained on other concepts of popular use, such is the case of: American bar (is the name given to a commercial space characterized by sell and serve drinks through women who are dressed in provocative manner. Of course this kind of place attending men mostly), balance beam (it is a device used to do gymnastics and is characterized by being elongated and narrow, normally made of wood and which appears willing to a certain height so that gymnasts perform balance exercises), lipstick (is one of the most popular female cosmetic products that women used to give color to your lips), barra brava (is a concept of exclusive use in football to refer to individuals and groups who follow a football team and that generally have violent behavior) and open bar (inside a bar called that to the mode of consumption of beverages free).

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