What is the meaning of But? Concept and Definition of But

Definition of but


1. Concept of but

But it is an adversative conjunction that produces a contrast between two propositions. As all conjunctions, its purpose is to act as a link, linking sentences, words, etc.
If particular conjunction, but what it does is to oppose a concept to another to qualify it, expand it or confront it. For example: 'I won't go to the party of dew but I will just send a gift for his birthday,""I understand your position, but it seems to me that you are wrong', "explained Matthias how I had to do the job but not paid me attention and then things went wrong".
But it can also be used at the beginning of a sentence to emphasize that it is intended to express. In this case, the proposal does not refer to another precedent: "But, what are you saying?", "but that place so beautiful!", "but, Cristian, already shut off that music is driving me crazy!".
As noun, but it can be used as a synonym for failure, objection or default: "I was reviewing the entire project and not found a but", "do that whenever I ask you something you have to put a but?", "John accepted everything said Bruno no buts".
But, on the other hand, is a kind of Apple. This is the name given to the fruit of the Apple tree when its appearance is elongated. In some Andalusian regions, anyway, but can nominate any kind of Apple: "my grandmother prepared a cake of buts for snack", "this but not yet mature", "I like the buts a lot".

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