What is the meaning of Ceiling? Concept and Definition of Ceiling

Definition of ceiling

Concepto de Plafón

1 Concept of the ceiling

Plafond (French for the "roof"), in the broadest sense, is any (plane, vault or dome) ceiling of any premise.
Plafond can be product of monumental and decorative painting and sculpture; subject or ornamental - also is designated by the term "Plafond". Colorful ceiling can be run directly on the plaster (the technique of fresco, oil and tempera paintings, synthetic, etc), subject to a ceiling (panel), a mosaic, canvas and other methods.
As part of decorative elements of the churches and representation of the Palace, Ceiling lamps were popular from the 17th century until the beginning of the 19th century. Designs of this period often used the illusion of a break in the ceiling that shows the architectural structure back, figures strongly forshortened and architectural details, and / or open sky.

2. Definition of ceiling

A ceiling is a decorative object that is integrated to the lighting of a space. The term, which has its origin in the French plafond, refers to the ornamentation that is installed on the roof to support, protect, or decorate a lamp or a light bulb.
Although, depending on the country, the concept is used to name different specific objects within this framework, it usually mentions the lamp that must be installed transversely in the ceiling to hide the bulb and wires.
The simplest soffits have geometric shapes, squares or rounds being the most popular. There are, however, ceiling with very varied designs that can be integrated to environments of different aesthetics and styles.
For example: "I bought a ceiling with drawings of Disney for my daughter's room," "We have to change the ceiling of the kitchen, since it is badly damaged," "I like how was the aluminum ceiling in the living room".
It is possible to highlight another use of the concept of the ceiling. In construction, called soffits to those elements that are used to create usable sectors, but are not visible, under the roof. In general, in the ceiling are installed cables or pipes that are needed for the infrastructure of a building but that, for aesthetic reasons, intends to keep hidden.
To develop a ceiling, typically using metal profiles attached to the roof structure through galvanized wires. Thus the structure is formed in question to hide wiring, facilities, etc.

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