What is the meaning of Compliment? Concept and Definition of Compliment

Compliment – Its Definition and Concepts  

Concepto de Piropo

1. Concept of compliment

Use more common and popular term compliment is that which refers to the compliment that an individual is pointing to another, although we of course women also will make them men is much more common that men directed him a compliment, a compliment to the woman they love or who want to conquer.
Therefore is that the content of the compliment will always delve in some of the highlights are there in person which directs it, for example if it is characterized by its sweetness and this is what you like most to the piropeador, surely, the compliment will have to do with it, for example, that happened in chocolate which let escape the chocolates...
But not always love or admiration are the reasons for a compliment, because it also tends to happen the compliment that is mentioned to have order to cheer up someone who for reason x is something fall, i.e., if a woman feels old because he just turned, a compliment that is very common to raise the momentum can be, Madam, you younger everyday, how does?...; and another reason why someone may compliment to another is to please him, and in this way achieve a purpose which is elusive, for example, when an employee who wants to achieve a rise and who has the decision to have him is his immediate boss, a good idea may be to use the compliment to get it...Today, pretty is what young, among other alternatives.
Other application that presents the term to refer to that fine red fire stone, variety of Garnet, also to Ruby it is called this way.
And precisely this reference is that it derived the colloquial use of the word that we mentioned above. In the past, in Spain, young people used to demonstrate his unconditional love women giving them just a compliment or intense color Ruby.

2 Meaning of compliment

Pyrope is a concept that comes from the latin pyrōpus, although its further etymology is in the Greek language. One of the most common meanings of the concept is linked to the praise that expresses a woman.
For example: "Was crossing the square when a boy called me a compliment from a car," "My girlfriend conquering it-based compliments sent him by the chat", "I like the compliments when they are romantic and not vulgar".
Typically, the compliments flattery the physical appearance of a person. In some cases, they include a component sexist and offensive, what can make women feel they are harassing her.
If a man looks at a woman who spent in front of the door of his house and says something like "I will tell God that the gates of Heaven are open: just escape an angel and I'm watching it right now", may indicate that the subject in question said a compliment to the Lady.
This meaning of the notion of compliment is linked to a mineral which is considered as a precious stone. The compliment, in this sense, is part of the Group of minerals which are called Garnet and is characterized by its reddish hue. As in ancient times, the youth of Spain used to give these compliments to the girls who wanted to conquer, the term began to use symbolic sense to refer to the kind of phrases mentioned above.

3. Definition and what is compliment

The word compliment presents two applications. The best known and most popular says that compliment is that compliment that usually a man you a woman, i.e., any phrase containing flattering words prominently and it is said of a man to a woman is popularly known as a compliment.
Usually, the compliment in this sense consists of clever words that are released to a person, mostly women, although it is not impossible that a wife tells compliments a man, with the Mission of flattery so courting it or fall in love.
In the past, in Spain, it was extremely common that young people demonstrate them his love women giving them a compliment, as was called to a Ruby with a very deep red color and here is that it became just the use of the term is also used when a man gives a woman a word or phrase fawning. One of the best-known compliments of popular culture says: that happened in chocolate which has escaped a Bonbon.
And on the other hand, the compliment is a mineral of silicate that forms part of the Group of the garnets; the compliment is the only mineral family garnets that presents a red coloration in their natural samples and was exactly the same that received its name; It is widely employed as a gem with different denominations: compliment of chrome, Ruby Colorado, Ruby from California, Ruby of Arizona, Rocky Mountain Ruby and Ruby Cape, among others.
Compliments are mostly red but some have a coloration so intense that it merges with the black and there are some others that assume a close to the purple hue.
The uniqueness that highlighted this mineral is that mentioned above, used in Spain, in which was a custom that young people awarded to women who love a compliment.