What is the meaning of Design? Concept and Definition of Design

Design – Its Definition and Concepts 

Concepto de Diseño

1. Design concept

The disegno Italiano, the word design refers to a sketch, sketch or outline that takes place, either mentally or in a material medium, prior to consummation of the production of something. The term is also used to refer to the appearance of certain products in terms of their lines, shape and functionality.
For example: "I love the design of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao", "I'm working on the design of a new device for watering the garden," "the design Department already sent me the prototype: If all goes well, we will start production next month".
The concept of design is often used in the context of the arts, architecture, engineering and other disciplines. When designing involves a mental representation and the subsequent depiction of this idea in any graphic format (visual) to display will be like the work that is planned. Design, therefore, may include a drawing or layout that anticipate the characteristics of the work.
When designing, the person not only takes into account aesthetic aspects, but also functional and technical issues. This requires designers studies, research and modeling tasks enabling you to find the best way to develop the object intended to create.
In this sense, nor could we overlook the figure of the designer, that professional who develops these cited creative functions in various fields. However, it is true that in the majority of occasions when we refer to the expert we are talking about one who works in the field of fashion.
In that area it does is carry out the creation both clothing and jewelry and accessories suitable to the trends that exist in the society at the time either he imposes that. Basically we can establish that there are three main types of fashion design: Haute Couture, ready-to-wear fashion, and the call "mass market".
With respect to the first category, we can underline that there are very important figures, designers and designers, which have become a reference worldwide and historical. Coco Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana and Gianni Versace would be among them.
However, at present among the most admired and followed should talk about Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren, John Galliano, Paco Rabanne or Marc Jacobs.
In addition to fashion, another field that has acquired great evolution and growth in recent years is the known interior design thanks to which the rooms of a house or a building specifically manage to show a spectacular image thanks to the study professionals that perform taking into account factors such as the architecture and environmental psychology.
Should be noted, finally, that the notion of design can also make mention of the arrangement of colors or designs that provide distinguishing characteristics to an animal, a plant or an object: "I love the design of this bag", "zebras tend to fascinate children by their striped design".

2 Meaning of design

The word design is a term used in our language and that we employ to refer various questions.
One of the most common jobs of the Word allows you to activity that combines creativity and technique and has as mission the creation of objects that have utility and esteticidad name.
Basically, then, design, represents the thinking of solutions to an issue or problem, meanwhile, we can find with this activity in different areas of life, such is the case of architecture, decoration, engineering and communication industries.
The activity from which the design takes shape it is called as design and consists of a very active, complex task which will of course require by the subject that designs, popularly known as designer, a significant share of creativity, and on the other hand technical skill to be able to translate the idea, solutions in products, objects.
As well we deployed above, design is a very present in different areas, for example, in the field of computer science, and thanks to the impressive spread reached in recent years internet, we have the web design, an area that has certainly grown a lot and that is especially dedicated to planning, designing and implementing websites.
A good web design coupled with the correct distribution of the message, without a doubt, will expedite the transfer of communication between the brand and the consumer.
Worth mentioning is that web design not only implies the knowledge of notions of design but also of computer technique to be able to precisely combine design with the coherent interaction of images, videos, links, text, among others.
On the other hand, to the way that is attributed to each one of the objects which are designed it referred to as design. The design of the table is American retro.
Also, the word design called the stroke or the set of lines forming a figure or building.
And in the colloquial language, we extensively use the word when we want to mention the short and explanation to the step that is a question.

3. Definition and what is design

If we can make reference to one attitude or creative virtue of a person, we can talk about design. This word in the Spanish language meaning: activity of a creative nature where a technique is required to design objects that is useful and having certain aesthetics. On the other hand, you can talk of industrial design when any product is produced in series. While if we make reference to the avant-garde design, we would be talking about something that has been graphically designed in an innovative way.
The verb in the infinitive of the word design is design, which can combine in different ways to indicate all kinds of actions. To combine in this mode, should be so: I design, your design, the designs...: your design pants while I do it with the shirt. We designed the body of this car in a relatively short time. On the other hand, if we want to talk in past imperfect, must combine the word design thus: I was designing, your designing, the designing...: when we worked together, the designing sketches of the new products of the company while I was attempting to sell them in the shortest possible time. We designed the patterns of the new collections the company throwing.
But if our desire is to conjugate the verb design in future mode, have to do so: I designing, your design, the design, we will design, you diseñaréis, they designed: when you have 25 years, designing a car that works with solar energy and do not need fuel to be able to move. They design a ring that has implanted a chip that is to find out the geographic location of the person who has it since.
We will design a bike that has a kinetic energy engine with which you can develop greater speed. Another example, she would design a sink capable of saving 30% of water consumption throughout the month.
Synonym of design
Sketch, sketch, sketch, sketch, drawing, scheme.