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Concepto de Difícil

Meaning of difficult

Through the word difficult, as it applies in relation to issues, we will be able to express what cannot be achieved or to understand without doing a maximum effort in addition to that which is not likely to happen. The teacher gave us a really hard task. It seems difficult that Laura come and visit us this year.
Meanwhile, when the word is used in relation to individuals, it will allow us to express to them that it's very treatable people, i.e., are not simple to deal with or maintain a relationship, especially because they present a wrathful character either because they are extremely sensitive to any comments. Mario is a difficult man, never listen to an opinion different to yours.
Conversely, when the person is characterized by soft, flexible and compliant one will say it is docile. Docile therefore is the concept that is at odds with this sense of the term.
Now, however, what is difficult is characterized and is notable for presenting a high degree of difficulty. The difficulty is a barrier, a complication, which is presented to our activities and to complicate the achievement of objectives, plans and goals. Meanwhile, by this point, it will be necessary to overcome them, through efforts, techniques and strategies and thus to achieve the proposed objectives.
There are several synonyms use also very widespread for this word, such is the case of: complex, impossible, hard, among others. But without a doubt, the complex is which takes the lead in the use. It is said that something is complex when it is composed of several elements and case, are issues that are difficult, complex, because they are formed by different edges that complicate the resolution.
Meanwhile, the concept that opposes is easy, because it just concerns that costs very little to get or that can happen with a lot of probability.

Definition and what is difficult

Once again, as on so many other occasions, we have a word that is used daily in all conversations. The term in question that brings us together in this article is not that difficult. As well, if we take the Encyclopaedic Dictionary Manual Sopeña and begin to search for its meaning, we find this brief definition: that it fails, executed or understands, without much work.
Of course there are other definitions that you cannot ignore or overlook on the word which summons us here. For example, for the English Manual de la Lengua Española (Larousse Editorial), this is the meaning of difficult: that may not be doing, understand or get without using lots of skill, intelligence or effort. In this sense then, could chart its use with this sentence: I like literature and took her well, but math is for me a very difficult matter, I can hardly pass the tests.
Meanwhile, also in this volume of Larousse include other meanings with respect to the word difficult. One of them holds the following: applies to the action or the fact that it is not likely to happen. Given this, could an example saying: with the numbers you chose you will be very difficult to win the lottery.
In another, it is also common to use this term to refer to some individuals in particular. In fact, another of its meanings is closely linked with it and reads as follows: applies to the person who is unpleasant treatment because you have bad character and/or gets angry easily. In this case we could quote: Emiliano always notices is concerned and is not for less since a difficult father touched her.
Synonyms of difficult
By having different meanings, the word which has here brought us also has a number of synonyms. Let's review: committed, dangerous, difficult, embarrassing, delicate, difficult, thorny, complex, intricate, unrealizable, cumbersome and tricky among others.