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Concepto de Descubrir

Meaning of discover

The word is a term of common use in our language and we use to account for different situations.
When it is something unknown is spoken in terms of discovering. In Argentina they just discover archaeological traces that date back thousands of years ago.
On the other hand, the word found is used as a synonym for various terms, such as invention: John has discovered a formula for producing fertilizers; Register: discovered in a you an unconditional friend, thanks for everything!
Also, when you know something that was ignored until that time and especially generating surprise by the characteristics, indicates it is through the term that concerns us. I started to cry to discover that my husband deceived me.
On the other hand, putting the public what was not known, also can refer it from the word discover. We discover that Mario has one much younger girlfriend, we couldn't believe it!
Action of uncovering what is covered by something, a blanket, for example, can designate it is through the word discover. We discovered the title under an old sheet.
And action taking off Hat when entering a site also puts it is this word
A variety of synonyms associated with the above-mentioned and various senses of this word exist such is the case of: reveal, uncover, invent, explore and unmask. Meanwhile, the word which is directly opposed to the discover is the hide, which refers to shut up that is known either prevent anyone to know or to see an issue.
Note that also the word that concerns us is closely linked with another concept of widespread use in our language, such is the case of the discovery.
A discovery involves the original observation of a fact or event, which until then remained hidden or was simply unknown.
In history and science, the words discovery and discover, are a recurrent and use very special, since they used to mention new events, the achievement of some notable theory, among others.

Definition and what is discover

Discover is the word that summons us site this time. With it then, we inevitably return to put the accent on a transitive verb. Well, if we go in search of this term in any dictionary of our language, most likely will be that we encounter with several meanings. Of course that each of them will vary according to the context in which it is used. Apart from that, a first meaning could well indicate the following: remove the lid or covering something so see what's inside, either under. To illustrate, we would say: If you want to clean the entire House, then you'll have to discover the antique furniture that you have covered in the basement.
But, as we have made clear in the course of the first subparagraph, the term addressed has more meanings. For instance, a second holding: find what you didn't know or what was hidden. To graph would indicate: the truth, did not expect to discover under the mattress of my Spider Web-like bed. While on the other hand, could also serve the following sentence: Yes or yes I have to discover the site where my mother keep my favorite toy.
On the other hand, there is another meaning which is closely related to the two mentioned above. In particular, she points out: to highlight what was hidden. That is precisely one of the main objectives with which the so-called investigative journalism is exercised. In this sense then, could an example referring to a hypothetical conversation between reporters: we need to act with caution, but we have the necessary sources to discover the undercover business that a national Member is conducting with the drug traffickers.
To go now culminating, we have to mention one last use for the word in question. The same holds: find the scientific formula of a new product or create some new thing. As example could indicate: scientists and physicians around the world work daily to find out what is the most affective way to fight HIV.
Synonym of discover
Several its meanings, also are many its synonyms: reveal, externalize, display, show, demonstrate, reveal; find, create, investigate, invent; uncover, undress, strip; unmask, plundering, surprise, catch; colonize, and conquer.