What is the meaning of Disposition? Concept and Definition of Disposition

Disposition - its definition and concepts

Concepto de Disposición

1. Concept of disposition

The word disposition can be understood according to the context in which is used in several ways.
We can refer to the available as the free exercise of our freedom to decide on our belongings, as when it decides to sell or donate something of our property. In this sense it is disposition of last will making the deceased in a will, where expresses what you want to make it with his property after his death.
In another sense we can speak of provision as a way of ordering things or beings. So we talk about layout of books in a library, the readiness of the ants in an anthill, layout of desks in a classroom of the school, furniture in a House, or of the provision troops in a battle.
How mood speaks good or bad disposition according to desire to be displayed or not perform any activity or a commitment to: "the student was willing to do the job" or "there was a bad provision to reach an agreement".
In the sense of standard legal, moral, religious or customary law, is the prescriptive mandate of conduct (provisions or legislation with effective sanction) state tax consciousness (individual standards hit with remorse) of each religion (if you do not agree to God you will go to hell) or the society in which we live (rules of use, which in general only sanction with social contempt) respectively.

2. Definition of disposition

Within the Spanish language, the word provision has different meanings which in one way or another has to do with putting order in things. Available can mean sorting something in the best possible way in order to achieve some purpose. On the other hand, we can also make reference to the State of mind of a person or the will that has to do something. Also, when is a Government is creating a law, rule or obligation, it can be said that it is approving a provision. To distribute parts or elements of a home, you are creating a provision of appliances that are within the same. When means are used to achieve something, it can also reference to the term available. If it refers to the creation of a will, we can be talking about layout, while if someone is willing to help another, you can then comment that it has been available to that individual.
While if we go to the field of sociology, we can speak of the provisions as structures that individuals have on the mental level, which serve as a guide to determine their actions within the framework of a context. In this sense, the provision could be considered as a habit, which comes from a preparation made prior. It could also be seen as a way to be alert or behave in a very particular way to a particular event. Therefore, belief and faith may be considered as provisions since these are maintained within the minds of people, thing that determines the behavior of a person within a social group. While if we take into account of Bourdieu's theory, are considered provisions to the positions they assume every person naturally in a field from the society, which is an attitude that the human being with no restrictions when determining the position that you want to take in life within a society develops.

Synonym of disposition

Mana, ability, agility, dexterity, disengage, art, expertise.

3 Meaning of disposition

The word provision supports several references.
One of the senses of the term most commonly used is one that expresses the ordination of something in a coherent manner with a mission to achieve a goal. The new provision of the books will allow you to find them more efficiently and easily.
On the other hand, the word provision can designate mood or State of health that a person says. If my layout is not good, I don't think that you going tonight to the meeting.
Another widespread use is as a synonym for concepts such as law and standard. There is a new provision which prohibits the entry of animals into the square.
In the colloquial language is often use this word to account for the ability of fitness that presents a person to perform a particular activity or task. Your son has a total disposition towards singing and dancing.
At the behest of the interior decoration, the word provision presents a special use, since it concerns the distribution of the space within a housing, a trade, one Office, among others. The arrangement of furniture is the first thing we have to modify in the living room, since they shrink it visually.
And to the medium that is used with a mission to achieve a purpose, goal, determined goal, calls it as available. The Administration set new provisions regarding the use of the common areas of the building.
In the meantime, there are several popular employment phrases containing the word which concerns us, as being: ultimate disposal (the testament of a person), at the disposal of (it's a phrase of courtesy from which a person offers you either their support or their service to another), be or be in disposal (lets give an account of a person's ability to do something).
Los sinónimos para esta palabra son varios, especialmente por la variedad de referencias que presenta, siendo los más usados: orden, ley, aptitud y soltura. Mientras tanto, desorden e incapacidad son los conceptos contrarios.

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