What is the meaning of Function? Concept and Definition of Function

Function definition

Concepto de Función

1. Concept of function

As in countless past occasions, this time us again convene at the site a word that, etymologically speaking, derives from the latin. On this occasion, it was promptly from functio. As well, in the present articles we will be focusing on the term function, which can be used in various fields since it has different meanings, on the basis that referie to a device or organ of human beings, or of an element.
On the other hand, if we include the word focusing on mathematics and approach it from this perspective, then we say that a function would be a quantity whose value of the of one or more other varying amounts. Indicates that a magnitude or quantity is another function if the value of the first depends on the value of the second exclusively.
For its part, also has a particular definition in the field of programming. According to this area, function would be the Group of instructions with a particular purpose, which is to be executed to be called from another procedure or function. At the same time, functions it is possible to receive data from the outside to be called from the parameters and have to deliver Yes or Yes some result.
In another completely different, function comes to be linked to the representation of a work of art. For example, the theatrical feature would be representation, which is performed live on the stage of a theater tables. While it is common to also use this word to refer to the exhibition of any film in the cinema. To graph its use could say: on Wednesday I went with my boyfriend to film, but we had to wait for the second function because for the first they had all sold.
Meanwhile, also will go to function when you want to refer to the exercise of an Office or employment. An example would say: by luck in work amounted to me, now my role has more responsibility than they had in the previous post.

Synonyms of function

According to the context and the circumstances in which it is used, the word that gave life to this text can have these synonyms: employment, craft, cargo, occupation, position, situation, plaza, destination.

2. Definition of function

However, the term function makes important reference in the field, mathematical functions are, a teaching tool and practice with those defined situations or problems to solve. A function must meet a basic scheme, and is that there is a relationship between two shapes, objects, or two representations with an operator between them, and each element of each party must maintain relationship with everything inside the function. The functions are basically a graph which represent two sets of things and these are linked, in order to calculate the value of a variable that is defined, these functions can reach results completely abstract, although understandable to the logical study of mathematics.
The term function outside the mathematical field, where is frequently mentioned as ideal tool for problem solving, involves a concept more determined action to perform. For example, when we go to a movie, it is to see a feature film, in which establishment develops its service and people enjoy it. Similarly, a function can be a public or private event but that some art is exposed.
The word function is basic, sensible, and understandable to the middle ear, regardless of the origin of the Act that is this committing or the calculation that is this decoding, functions represent a standard in everyday life.

3 Meaning of function

A function refers to the activity or set of activities that can play one or more items at the same time, obviously in a complementary manner, in order to achieve a defined objective.
Although, without a doubt, this activity and objective can occur in different contexts, by which the term of function applies equally in fields such as computer science, mathematical, artistic, technical and semiotic among others.
In the case of the so beloved by some and so hated by other, mathematics, which appeared to us all at some point and on the occasion of the school stage, a function is the correspondence or relationship of the elements of an array "A" with the elements of an array "B". To this end, the progressive complexity of the concept of function in mathematics gives rise to progressive graphics settings, theorems and finally called mathematical analysis, basic substrate of other disciplines including physics and information science.
On the other hand, in the context of computer science, function is a subprogram or subroutine that in addition to execute a specific task, returns a value. In the early days of programming, applets were part of everyday models of diagrams of flow and languages such as C or Basic strategies; Currently, functions that give rise to the subprogrammes are integrated into the main programming environments.
In semiotics, also mentioned above, a function is the set of elements and relationships that exist between them and that are absolutely necessary when defining structures. In this way, the understanding of signs and symbols, as well as strategies for its application in advertising or scientific would really impossible without the use of functions.
Meanwhile, when we were talking about a function and gave him an artistic context, we referred to the artistic representations of a play. Under the same scope is cited as "function" to display in other environments, such as the recitals of music, the presentation of a film production or other disciplines of the arts; in this model, it is very common to replace the word function with the anglicism show, many broadcasting today.
And finally, for the technical category, a function is the step, making use of a suitable device, the initial state of the system at the other end state desired. Thus, even applies the idea of function to define a series of physical, chemical, or biological phenomena in a living being. We then speak of cardiac function to refer to the task of the heart as a pump and the multitude of vessels for the transportation of blood. Also noted as mental function to the capabilities of human beings for memory, the life of relationship, the resolution of problems and other so many facets of our brain activity.
Therefore, functions are part of our daily lives in all areas and procedures imaginable. Perhaps without them, our reality would be very different...

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