What is the meaning of Highlight? Concept and Definition of Highlight

Highlight - definition and concepts

Concepto de Destacar

1. Concept of Highlight

As we have already shown more than once on this same site, there are certain verbs that have different meanings and usage. As well, this time we come back to meet one of them. We will be referring to highlight word which etymologically speaking has a peculiarity. It comes from French detacher, which, in turn, has been formed thanks to una, which in Italian is used as a synonym for separate.
As well, from the perspective and use of stress has been done ever since the militia, it means separate from the main body of an armed force a portion of troop for some purpose, usually to serve a position. The one given in these previous lines is one of the definitions that Manuel Sopena can be found in the illustrated encyclopedic dictionary. If we want to illustrate the use of this meaning could attend the news, where it is common to hear: the senior Chilean military have highlighted a regiment to guard the border.
Meanwhile, also as a transitive verb highlight means highlighting, highlight and draw attention. For example, for this meaning might say: even in a basketball team where all members are high, the Chinese Yao Ming stands out for its 2.29 meters. Alternatively, in keeping with the category sports: in a squad of great footballers, the Argentine Messi stands in Barcelona as the scorer of the team.
Now, as a verb, that last example also could serve, since is defined as Excel, Excel, distinguished by a physical and/or moral fitness. Graphing: in seventh grade, the student who stands out above his companions is Gonzalo, who shows every day know a lot both in language and mathematics.

Synonym of highlight

At the time of referring to a synonym for the word out here, it is always convenient to take into account the context in which it is used. Some of them then let them: stress, stress, insist, repeat, influence, emphasize, Excel, distinguish, point, Excel, specify and mark among others.

2. Definition of Highlight

The word Highlight is a term from extended within our language use and employ to refer various questions.
When you want to give a relief to a characteristic, trait or quality having someone or something special, we usually express it in terms of highlighting. Laura stands out for the order and organization. The corner restaurant stands in the cold dishes.
Also, the word tend it to use with recurrence as a synonym for various terms referring precisely the distinction of something or someone above the rest and as consequence of the qualities that presents, such is the case of Excel, highlight, distinguished. In terms of decoration of tables, my sister always highlights, it is attentive to more tiny detail of the Assembly.
Basically we use this sense of the word when it is necessary to indicate that someone stands out for this or that feature.
For example, it is common in everyday language that we use this term when you want to express the notoriety that has an individual by anything special, either an object, as a result of a component that presents. My wedding dress design is the work of stones that has been on the front.
On the other hand, the word highlight presents a special use in the military sphere, since in this context involves the separation of a group of soldiers on a main and central body in order that displayed a certain mission. Two ad hoc groups have distinguished themselves so that they serve as a support to the organization that distributes the donations.
Meanwhile, in this context, the concept that is at odds is the retracting, that allows to express the action of the troops withdraw from some place which had been appropriately allocated.
And another use that is given to the word is in the field of education, more precisely when a person examines a text, often using a special marker or pencil to highlight information and most salient content.

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