What is the meaning of Insulation? Concept and Definition of Insulation

Definition, Concept, Meaning, What is Insulation

Concepto de Aislamiento

1. Concept of isolation

Isolation is the action or effect of isolating. This word refers to leave something alone and separated from other things; remove a person from the communication and dealing with others; abstract the immediate reality of the mind or the senses; or impede the passage or the transmission of heat, sound, etc.
For example: "the isolation of the area surrounding the nuclear power plant is necessary to preserve the health of the residents", "the detainee is in a situation of isolation for his bad behavior", "to write a novel, have to achieve an external insulation and forget about everyday problems", "We need to see a specialist so recommend us some type of insulation preventing the advance of moisture on the inside of the House".
There are various applications of the concept of isolation. In a physical sense, the insulation consists of placing someone or something out of contact with other persons or factors. A man who is only locked in a cell having just ventilation for breathing, windowless and with a security door that opens from the outside, is in a condition of maximum isolation: cannot see someone else or talk to anyone.
He is known as electrical insulation to the process that consists of an element of an electrical installation with some material that is not electrically conductive cover and, therefore, prevent the passage of power abroad. Other types of insulation that typically appear in a House are the thermal insulation (made with materials that prevent the passage of heat by conduction) and acoustic insulation (to reduce the noise level inside a space).
At the social level, often speak of isolation to refer to the situation of an individual who does not participate in the social, cultural, political or economic life of their community for lack of resources, capabilities or rights: "We have to end the isolation of the descendants of indigenous peoples and facilitate their entry into the world of work".

2 Meaning of insulation

Isolation is the quality that has an element, live or not, which is separately and without contact with others. The insulation can be natural or provoked. For example a mountain can be isolated from the rest, through the work of nature.
There is insulation from sound of natural type, like Cork, which is also a thermal insulator.
In psychology, insulation, staying only on certain occasions, is part of the normal behaviour of persons on certain occasions or moments of life. For example, occurs in a teenager where the young man is in search of its identity, or in certain painful moments or anguish where you need to think or to grieve in solitude. However, when it is prolonged in time it may be sign of a problem requiring psychological treatment. Autism and social phobia are pathologies that have social isolation as a characteristic symptom.
Occasionally, isolation is imposed by social and legal rules for example, when you are deprived of freedom to those individuals that may affect life in society, isolating them from the rest of the population, even in the event of misconduct who is deprived of liberty, he placed in an isolation cell separate from the rest as punishment or security. Insulation that is placed to someone as a punishment and not by choice, can cause serious disorders of behavior, such as anxiety, irritability or aggression.
Also dangerous areas are isolated, preventing the presence of people and animals to prevent risks, for example "to a gas leak, has isolated the area", or in the event of a risk of contagion is the isolation of those who suffer from the disease.

3. Definition and what insulation

This time we find ourselves with a masculine noun. Throughout this article we are going to be stressing about the term isolation. As well, in most dictionaries inspected, the first meaning of the word would be as follows: action or effect of isolating. But, it is convenient to note that, according to the context in which it is used, the meaning of the term in question can vary.
For instance, in a purely physical sense, this word consists of placing someone or something out of contact with individuals or other factors. To illustrate, we could well go to that person who is locked up in solitude and in a cell in which only has a small ventilation to breathe. That is, without any window and with a powerful blast door that opens only from the outside. Under these conditions, it seems that the individual locked there is in a condition of maximum isolation. Course, you cannot speak and not even see anybody.
On the other hand, when trying to give proof of the lack of communication and loneliness that can have an individual refers to this word to refer to such a State. Meanwhile, within the field of psychology, psychoanalysis, more precisely understand insulation as a defense mechanism. According to the words of own specialists, occurs usually at the behest of a so-called obsessive neurosis and which is based on isolated behavior or thought, thus eliminating their connections with others. At the same time, it also presents cases or situations in which even the person arrives to rupture with its own existence.
For his part, social scale, it is common that you call with this term the situation of a person who does not have any participation in the social, economic, political and cultural life of their community. This is usually given for lack of rights, capabilities or resources. An example: our management aims to finish a good time with the isolation of immigrants who come to our country with the desire to work and thrive.
Synonym of insulation
Then leave it some synonyms are there in the word out: closure, closure, withdrawal, withdrawal, incommunicado detention, banishment, separation, apartment, Misanthropy, asceticism.