What is the meaning of New? Concept and Definition of New

Definition of new

Concepto de Nuevo

1. New concept

The word 'new' is a qualifying adjective used to describe those elements, situations or phenomena that are novel, not used or that has not been given before. Thereby, the term new or new always implies a break with the foregoing to submit something different and innovative, for example, when it is said that a line of cars is new and more evolved than the previous.
There are many situations and contexts in which the adjective 'new' can be used properly. On the one hand, the most common use this adjective has is when it is applied to objects and concrete elements, for example a piece of new clothes, a new book, etc.
In this sense, the object is usually described as containing no previous use and that it therefore is in the best possible conditions. Here is then included the notion of anything else and that does not have the same characteristics as since it means some kind of breakdown, for example: a new way of life that is structured with other behaviors and behaviors. But, however, may also be new to the person who possesses it regardless of if it has been used or not (for example, a book used but new to the person who bought it).
Then, it can also be used to describe a person who is new to join a group whose members are established. A good example for such a situation can be a new student coming to the course in which the students are known in advance.
The "new" term is used for certain concepts and expressions in common use that are already socially established. Some clear examples of this are the expressions "Happy new year", "the new world" (in reference to the American continent), "the new testament" (the part of the Bible that includes the story of Jesus), "be back" (meaning back or return). Also used in names of regions such as New Mexico, in the United States.

2. Definition of new

The term that brings us together this time comes from the latin Novus. On this occasion we will be focusing on the new Word. It's an adjective word that realizes that recent, freshly brewed; that did not exist or was not known before. Also its definition refers to that which is seen or heard for the first time; to what ensues or added to what was there before; or either, other than what previously was or became known. According to what is reflected above, this term invariably implies a break with the above, to present either something new or different.
While the contexts and situations in which this word can be used are different, usually the use of this adjective is linked to certain elements or specific objects. As examples, we can go to the following: yesterday I went to the Centre and I bought a new shirt. Another might be:... gives you, come for lunch so step know the new Department in which I live. While another typical situation would be: I need a new TV, is the world and what we have now, it looks bad.
Moreover, it tends to be used to refer to any person who enters into a group whose members are already known from before, but not to her. The classic example of this meaning would be: today started working a new employee in the company, is an operator of automotive mechanical parts specialist. Meanwhile, it also tends to be used in this way when there is a new student in grade, whose members, except the newcomer, are already known from the previous year.
In another order of things, new world would be the name that was given to the Americas towards the end of the 15th century, after the arrival of Cristóbal Colón in 1492. This concept took force since then, for the Europeans, the world only consisted of Asia and Europe.

New synonyms

Thus, taking into account its various meanings and uses, the synonym of new could be the following: Rookie, brand new, different, different, innovative, original, current, beginner, innovator and novice among others.

3 Meaning of new

The new Word has widely used in our language and furthermore concerns various issues.
That which has been newly created or produced it it is appointed as new. This plan is totally new, hopefully now is Yes.
On the other hand, when anything is appreciated or heard for the first time in life one will say that it is new. This artist is new for me, I had never heard their music proposal.
Also to what repeats it is either reiterates it with the intention of renewing it qualify it is again. They have just released for sale a new edition of the fragrance of the singer Shakira.
Meanwhile, when the term is applied in relation to a person can be expressed that such person is a recent addition of a group or organization. Maria is a new companion which in the end turned out to be very nice. On the other hand, when a person does many, many years that is doing work or performing a job one will say it is a veteran.
And on the other hand it may indicate that someone has been strengthened or renewed as a result of a successful issue. After this bath, I feel as new.
Also, the new Word is used when we want to indicate that something has very little use. The dress I'm going to put for marriage is like new.
Another regular use of the term is as a synonym for news. There's something new at home or we are without news?
There are also popular expressions which contain the new Word and often use such as recurrence: new (used to indicate that something happened with surprise) and again (when something happens again).
There are several synonyms for each of the references to this word, standing out among them: Rookie, original and current. Meanwhile, the concepts that are opposed are old and used. The first indicates that something has many years of history, while the used is characterized by being worn out from the current usage.

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