What is the meaning of Pocket? Concept and Definition of Pocket

Definition of Pocket

Concepto de Bolsillo

1. Concept of Pocket

Etymologically, a Pocket is a small bag.
Typical Pocket is a piece of cloth in a pouch sewn on the inside into a Groove of a garment; slot can be simple or protected with a cubrebolsillos or a lapel. You can also provide an opening and closing system, as a zipper, button or its analogue prehistoric horn that prevent them out easily the objects stored by themselves or by intervention of the "friends of the alien".
The main function of the Pocket is to keep small-sized objects so they are on hand when needed; This last is closely linked to the very concept of pocket, which usually have approximately a hand size, and be available to this.
Another type of Pocket consists of a pouch sewn to the garment on the outside, without in the same slot. This type of pocket is typically more comfortable to protrude out of the silhouette, without compressing the clothing fabric content of the Pocket against the size of its owner. Also those of smaller size, to accommodate a few coins, a lighter...

Pocket objects

There are plenty of so-called "Pocket" objects, you have as a feature dimensions and design oriented store in these, fit in the Palm of a hand, or behave with oneself easily. Among others are:
• Computers, calculators, Pocket radios
• Books, notebooks, diaries, Pocket calendars
• Clocks, lighters, Pocket
• Weapons, Pocket tools
The protegebolsillo
The protegebolsillo is a small concave cap of resilient material (typically not rigid plastic or rubber), intended to protect, typically painted of ballpoint and fountain pens shirt breast pocket.

2. Definition of Pocket

Who invented the Pocket?

There are such simple things which are a little lost its history and it is unknown when emerged or who was its inventor; Perhaps those things imported a few despite its great utility as it has happened, for example, with the Pocket literally "small bag", we all know exactly what is a pocket and how both pants and shirts allow us to carry coins, wallets, objects to write and notebooks or other accessories; for children it is essential to keep the treasures found in the streets of the city or the sea: snails, pebbles, shells, caguaras, screws, nuts etc.
Who, at some point in the history of costume design, came up with this attachment internal, provided that practically essential, part of our culture by very unnoticed that it has passed; its subtle incorporation into our everyday life only notice you when you're away; If we get a dress without pockets and need to save something we give account of uncomfortable what not having pockets... applies here as "no one knows what you have until you don't lose it". The record that I don't want to establish jurisdiction with the portfolio of women but definitely the Pocket, being smaller in size is infinitely less complicated, the portfolio of woman is a portable labyrinth worthy of a long essay, indeed often also contain pockets...
I also thought about how it has changed the contents of pockets; Perhaps its first utility was the Save coins, jewelry, or other values of Exchange by replacing that usually dark sachet and a drawstring to close it we see in period films while existing pockets as we see in the jackets of the soldiers of these same films. That bag appears in these films when a payment is made for services of questionable honesty reminiscing the betrayal of Judas so ingrained in our consciousness and tends to be launched into the air by who pays to denote their desire not to make contact with the other despicable character and the latter is usually done with gesture of greed bag.
Returning to Pocket this has been the bearer of all versions of money: coins, banknotes, the checkbooks and credit cards. I refer to my personal experience and that remote stage of small stones and bolts of which I have no nostalgia because I still recall it picking up yet another interesting object, to see how my pocket. In addition to money and identification documents, these last two things, of course, contained in a wallet, he has been faithful depositary of beeper now prehistoric and later the cell phone or portable although these last invented him since his appearance accessories for loading out of Pocket; important characters in my Pocket is the aforementioned wallet and Keyring; both have been growing over time, older more responsibilities, more keys and more papers in the wallet: the insurance card, auto, additional identification of places where we are affiliated and odious membership cards to different stores that if they are not in the wallet are incorporated into version reduced to keychain. and this in addition to the keys of House and car with its alarm clear, you can include any additional children or mother house or work... everything goes to your Pocket; work temporarily I have Pocket markers, pens, erasers, adhesive tapes, until a scissors, let me clarify that I use an apron pockets for this.
Pocket has withstood stoically the passage of time and all that which has been placed in it: tobacco, cigars, mate or other herbs or less accepted by society powders; also all those for the consumption of the above such as pipes and hookahs, lighters, matches, small spoons and syringes, cannulas of nasal absorption etc.; the Pocket may contain books (now replaced by the memory of the portable phone) phone, corkscrews, blades, accessories school books (pocket, forgive the redundancy), newspapers, purchase receipts, rings of commitment inconvenient surreptitiously slipped finger or, on the contrary, boxes of that ring Virgin waiting to be taken off the light before the shocked face of a beloved woman; of course all kinds of contraception tends to pass Pocket prior to fulfill its mission, also pills for any healing or recreational purpose, including candies, chewing gum... the list stretches with new electronic accessories such as USB in its multiple forms, capabilities and names: memory stick, pen driver, flash driver, driver etc.
It only remains for me to say that it should institute a day of the year to pay tribute to this small temporary receiver of our intimacies.

3 Meaning of Pocket

The Pocket is one of the most common elements of some items such as jeans, shirts, t-shirts, skirts, among others. It consists of a piece of fabric that is sewn into the interior to an opening of the garment of the same material from the same.
It is dedicated to the storage of small objects, although, in some other cases also has an aesthetic motivation.
In the case of the first function, the idea is that we can put in your Pocket those small items that we need to have good hand at times, such as key input to the House, a pen, a paper with an annotation, among other.
Note that the slot may present simple or be well protected through a flap. Another additional feature is that you are you can aportár a set of opening and closing, for example with a zipper, a button, velcro, among other alternatives.
For instance, there are a large number of objects, elements that have a Pocket-size: books, watches, cell phones, weapons, pencils and pens.
On the other hand, it also referred as pocket to the bag in which we keep money.
Meanwhile, in the colloquial language, the word is used to express that someone has faced an expense with their savings or property. The party I paid it from my Pocket nobody gave me nothing.
There are also many popular expressions that contain this word that is the case: loosen Pocket (when causes discomfort to anyone face any payment), Pocket (we use it to express that something has a small size. For example, there are books that are printed with a small form factor and by case are called Pocket Edition, because they fit in it), get someone into the Pocket (when someone by their charisma or actions earns the favor or affection for someone) and scratch the Pocket (when someone spends money but don't want to do it. It is usually applied to the stingy).

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