What is the meaning of Slate? Concept and Definition of Slate

Slate - definition and concepts

Slate - definition and concepts

1. Concept of slate

A whiteboard, Blackboard, or tarpaulin is a reusable writing in which the text or figures are made with chalk or other erasable markers. Slates were originally made of smooth, thin sheets of black-grey or Dark Slate stone.
A Blackboard can simply be a piece of rectangle of wood painted with dark paint matte (usually dark green or black). It is usually so dark green since it is a less hard color to black eyes. A modern variation consists of a plastic sheet spiral deployed through two parallel rollers, which can roll to create an additional space of writing while you save what has been written.
Slates are commonly used in teaching. Chalk marks can be cleaned quickly and easily erased with a damp cloth, or a special draft of slate consisting of a block of wood covered by a felt pad. On the other hand, wet chalk markings on some types of slate can be difficult to remove.
"Treated chalk" bars are made especially for use with blackboards, blank the most common, but also in different colors. These are not actually chalk but of plaster rock.
Slates have some disadvantages: produce a certain amount of powder depending on the quality of the used chalk. Some people find this uncomfortable or they may be allergic to it and there has been speculation about the possible relationship between the chalk dust and respiratory problems. However, other methods for displaying information are more expensive and have their own disadvantages. These disadvantages have led to the widespread adoption of the Whiteboard, which uses ink pens that do not produce any dust.
You are currently installing interactive digital whiteboards, allowing making notes handwritten on any projected computer image, as well as save the composite images and control the computer from the own interactive whiteboard. In this case the system consists, normally, a computer, a video projector and the own interactive whiteboard. Their didactic possibilities are enormous and handled with ease even if you have no computer skills.
It helps to recall things, or put knowledge to students or others learn or remember their work

2. Definition of slate

Slate is a homogeneous metamorphic rock formed by the compaction of clay. It usually arises in an opaque dark bluish and divided into slabs or flat sheets being, for this feature, used in roofs and as former element of writing.
Slate is a dense, fine-grained rock, formed from argillaceous sedimentary rocks and, sometimes, of igneous rocks. The main feature of the slate is its division into thin slices or layers (pizarrosidad). The minerals that form it are mainly quartz and Muscovite. It is often grayish bluish black or black, but there are varieties red, Greens and other hues. Because of its impermeability, slate is used in the construction of roofs, such as paving stone and even manufacture of decorative elements.
Wales is one of the areas with greatest tradition and production of slate in the world. In Europe, there are also important quarries in Portugal, Italy or Germany. In Spain there are important archaeological sites in El Bierzo, Villar del Rey (Badajoz) and Cabrera (León), Valdeorras (Ourense), Bernard (Segovia).
Brazil is the second largest producer of slate in the world. The State of Minas Gerais is responsible for 95% of the Brazilian production of slate and the city of Papagaios, 75% of the production of this State. In North America the most important production areas are in Newfoundland, in Vermont and New York slate Valley and Buckingham County in Virginia.
The lame is a slacked clay slate structure and bluish gray, which results from the decomposition of argillaceous slates.

3 Meaning of slate

Slate is a concept that can be used in various ways. One of its most common meaning is associated with the element on which you can draw or write with chalk or a marker that can be erased easily. The term, in this case, is synonymous with Blackboard.
For example: "would you move a little to the side, please? Is that just me tops the slate and I can't read what he writes the teacher","the coach scored on a blackboard the names of players who will integrate the starting lineup","When I was little, it entertained me draw on a chalkboard that my aunt had given me".
Typically, slates are rectangular and are painted black or green surface. These elements are very common in the field of education, since teachers are used to annotate, advertising activities, etc.
There are now digital slates, which are connected to a computer (computer) tablets. The user can interact with slate, writing with special pencils or even by hand.
It is important to note that these objects are known as slates since in antiquity, they used to manufacture with the rock called slate. This stone is polished and are smoothed so you can type with plaster or other material on its surface.
Slate, rock, is formed from clay and, in certain cases, of igneous rocks. Its most salient feature is that it divides into irons or lamellas of low thickness.

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