What is the meaning of Social work? Concept and Definition of Social work

Definition of Social work

Social work

1. Concept of Social work

Social works are entities responsible for organizing the provision of medical care for the workers. Thus a worker who becomes ill or an accident or the family group that depends on can access medical care, drugs and health care practices without having to pay the entire cost of the same previously.
Social work can cover:
• Grants to groups of people.
• Funding of research.
• Promotion of art and culture.
• Recovery of artistic, cultural and natural heritage.
In Argentina, social works are the equivalent of medical insurance schemes in the United States. By law, all people should have medical coverage (social work). Both the trabajor and the employer paid a certain percentage of the remuneration in order to pay for such coverage. The scope is for women (if unemployed) and children up to 21 years (can be deferred up to age 25 if you are studying and under the charge of the holder, as well as not having to work).
The first social work was created in the 1950's for the Union of tanners of the meat. With the eminent growth of the labor movement, social works became one of the main areas of trade unions. In the 1990's the standards that govern the affiliation to one or another social work loosened, allowing workers greater freedom in the choice of the social work to which you want to belong. It is prepaid in the 1990s when it occurs in addition the rise of medicine companies / private medicine. At the beginning of 21st century, the border between social work and medicine prepaid is fuzzy due to commercial operations implemented by the social works together with a shrinking of the State in its role of protector social service. Social works offer a legal with several limitations basic product to offer other more complete products paying a bonus above the contribution retained automatically wage.It is personal appreciation, i.e. that capital and labour from private entities, it should come from the State. The village feels grateful that that job is done, without paying attention to the provenance of the same. Jobs make many of these organizations non-governmental and other private entities in cooperation with charities, when the national State is who is constitutionally obliged to provide these services with no restrictions.

2. Meaning of Social work

Social works possess varied institutional roots, so it is very difficult to find a definition that encompasses them all, but we can get to form a global concept from the own of these characters: we know that they are subjects of law, with legal, administrative and financial individuality and that according to the legislation, are all natural agents of health insurancehaving as purpose the administration of benefits covering health-related contingencies.

They are necessarily included beneficiaries:

1. Workers in dependent relationship, whether in the public or private sphere and their primary family group consisting of spouse, unmarried children up to 21 years, unmarried children aged 21 to 25 who pursue regular studies, the children of the spouse who are under his tutelage and people who live with and member of holder and receive the same treatment as a familyduly accredited.
2 Senior citizens and national pensioners: who ends his retirement pending can immediately choose a social work if they don't want to stay in PAMI. Beneficiaries who retire receive with their primary family medical benefits of social work which was 90 days. After this period and did not obtain his retirement, may request a temporary credential to receive benefits by PAMI. Social works who wish to receive beneficiaries retirees and pensioners will be registered in the system registry of agents of health and, once registered, may not condition his income or his family group for any reason.
3. Beneficiaries of national non-contributory benefits.
4. Small taxpayers or monotaxpayers: is self-employed, framed within a special Social security scheme, which includes contributions to the national health insurance system. THE occupational has the option of adding to their primary family group paying an extra amount per person.
5. Domestic service: Who also may, on a voluntary basis by payment of a sum in addition, include your primary family group.
With reference to the occupational and domestic staff, we must make the caveat that benefits subsidized by the EPA after a period of 6 months from the initial contribution will be for them.
This is important in relation to the cochlear implant already that it's a benefit subsidized by APE, i.e., that candidate a person to the implant having the quality of beneficiary of a social work by one of these two schemes, must initiate the request of prosthesis and subsequent processing of import, after 6 months of the first contribution made.

3. What is Social work

Social work is an organization that provides health care to workers, employees of a company, enterprise or public body.
The wages of workers provides for the issue of health care and case is that it is discounted to the worker each month a sum of money which is derived to an ark which brings together the funds to maintain the social work. I.e., the contribution of each worker supports the operation of the same.
So, then, if the employee is sick or is an accident, or in his absence any member of his family group that is also associated with the same it does, you will receive as medical care, or visit or be visited by a doctor, undergo medical, without having to pay for it.
In regards to the supply of drugs once indicated by the doctor to treat a condition, these, are generally sold in pharmacies of social works and also the attached, with special discounts, typically 50% and in cases of prolonged treatments, social works tend to make discounts up to 70% on medicines.
It should be noted that those workers who are married and have children under 21 years also enjoy the benefits of the social work of his father.
Without a doubt, the development of the Union towards the end of the 19th century, and especially during the last century, largely contributed to the emergence of social works, which were erected in one of these fundamental legs.
But in addition to its mission statement, which noted the provision of comprehensive health services to their members and the family, the social work plays other activities that are also closely linked with the development and promotion of the common good, such is the case of: assistance to persons who require it; funding of research; contribution to the development of culture and art in the recovery of the national heritage.
Meanwhile, another service that also offer social works to their members are recreational and cultural activities from recreational complexes and recreation, discounts on attendance at courses and also notable sales in packages.

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