What is the meaning of Talk? Concept and Definition of Talk

Definition of talk

Concepto de Platica

1. Concept of talk

A conversation is a dialogue in which two or more persons Alternatively intervene without following a planning. A communication is established through the language spoken (by telephone, for example) written (in a chat room).
It is an interaction in which the partners contribute to the construction of a text, as opposed to the monologue, where the control of the construction only one has it. Why is designated its character dialogue. But, they do not at the same time as everyone has their turn to speak.
The conversation can revolve around one or many topics and is conditioned by the context. In an informal situation, these can vary easily and without previous organization. The dialogue can express their point of view and discuss. However in other mentioned possibilities may be limited to one or both sides. The conversation contains different attributes which must be taken into account:

Types of conversation

Structured: That is prepared and is usually defined previously as speeches or lectures.
Daily or spontaneous: are the majority of the casual conversations, also some live, of radio or television programs can be taken into account. It is the common conversation, does not require planning, which may affect the environment or context, it is also a conversation spontaneously.

Structure of the conversation

The conversation tends to present the following structure:
Opening: It begins the conversation. Indication of the desire to engage in the dialogue by an invocation to the recipient. It also consists of a greeting or wake-up call that starts the conversation.
Body: it is the central part of the conversation, where the partners exchange information.
Closing: Ends the conversation. It usually includes a formula of farewell.

2. Definition of talk

Talk is a term that has its origin in platĭca, a Latin word. The notion is used to name the talk or dialogue that develops when a person speaks with another or others.
For example: "After half an hour of conversation with the players, the coach decided to submit resignation in charge", "I'm tired of talks, I need concrete solutions that go beyond words," "the conversation between the two was extended by more than two hours".
The concept is commonly used in countries such as Mexico, Venezuela and Guatemala, among others. On the other hand, in Nations like Argentina, it is not a word that is used frequently.
According to the mode in which the conversation takes place, you may receive different names. A talk, in this sense, can be a meeting of experts who debate over an issue or exchange of views in the framework of a Conference. Talks, moreover, discuss any topic: there are talks sports, academic talks, romantic talks, etc.
There are various social conventions that mark the beginning and the end of a conversation. These conventions vary according to the context, the existing proximity between the partners and other factors.
Talk, on the other hand, is the name given to a fish that lives in various Lakes and rivers of the European continent. Also known as bream, its scientific name is Abramis brama.
The conversation can reach a weight of two kilograms and an extension of about forty centimeters. This fish, whose meat is ingested by humans, eat worms, insects and shellfish.

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