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Concepto de Total

Meaning of Total

The term Total is generic which is to try to define, its applications are basically generating a set of things that represent a whole. Total refers to a universe of items that are included in all alike, thus the aggregation of what you want to meet. From here we can see as of "All" will generate many more terms, such as total, which refers to the process in which all elements entering the set, when this is total, means that everything is already in. A total does not imply that there is everything inside as there may be several totals of same or different nature, all depends on the intention with which is total.
Total in everyday life has applications rather than all basic, emulated the purpose in common that we explained. It is important to note that in the field of mathematics, a total represents the final response of an equation, a total, so to speak, is what this after equality, thus representing a total of the results they are looking for when operating number them with different tools offered by mathematics, an equation total can come represented in numbers or graphicallythat depends on the type of proposed problem. In financial language, the total represents the cumulative number of variables, gains, losses, amount invested, liabilities or assets. Usually these terms are not biased and are taken into account as total amounts.
We can colloquially use the term to refer to situations which in the end is not realized as they should be, however, which made her prefer to do it: we are going to the Beach way and back, total, my mom is not going to stay there overnight. Total a direct expression, directed to those situations in which conditions are both known is bass which are executed, causes and consequences, in law is used to determine the size of judgments or punishments for concepts in the analysis of a total of researchers and juries that dictate which is the appropriate measure.

Definition and What is Total

Total, latin totus, is something that includes all its kind. The term is used to designate the universal or general. For example: "the power outage left thousands of people in total darkness", "the total number of children in this course has infected chicken pox", "a total of eight people were injured by the explosion of a cylinder".
The whole is a philosophical notion that refers to the universal set that captures all aspects of a reality. Within a given context, the total does not leave anything outside and includes all the elements. Arguably, in this sense, that the total number of initial and regular players of a football team is eleven. There is no other player that can be added (no football teams with 12 players) and by regulation, nor a team begins a game with fewer players.
In a similar sense, a family composed of father, mother and two children has four members. Total members, therefore, is equal to four people. If it is said that the total number of the members of the family suffered a cold in the last month, it is referring to four people experienced this health disorder.
For mathematics, the total is the result of an operation. The total of two plus two equals four (2 + 2 = 4), while that total two eight is sixteen (2 × 8 = 16).
The total word, finally, can be used as a synonym for summary or conclusion: "we are better left at home: total, outside long cold", "we are going to the Caribbean, total as much as we can save not can buy House".