What is the meaning of Virtual Platform? Concept and Definition of Virtual Platform

Definition of Virtual Platform

Concepto de Plataforma Virtual

1. Concept of Virtual Platform

With the advent of the Internet occurs important lower software development costs, making it easier the creation of materials to be used online. However advanced programming skills still need to create a course or a training module, and therefore these courses are not accessible to everyone. Since the mid-1990s, they begin to emerge educational platforms that enable the creation and management of full Web courses unless they are required in-depth knowledge of programming or graphic design.


Virtual platforms refer to the technology used for the creation and development of courses or training modules on the Web (sibal) used more broadly in the Web 2.0 communication improving teaching and learning.

Tools that compose them

1 Communication tools such as forums, chats, e-mail.
2. Tools for students, such as self-assessment, group work areas, profiles.
3. Productivity, calendar, bookmarks, support tools.
4 Management tools, such as authorization.
5. Tools of course, as bulletin board, assessments.

2. Definition of Virtual Platform

The Virtual Classroom

It is the medium in the WWW in which educators and learners are for activities that lead to learning.
The virtual classroom is not only a mechanism for the distribution of information, but it should be a system where the activities involved in the process of learning can take place, i.e. which should allow interactivity, they told, application of knowledge, evaluation and management of the class.
Virtual classrooms today take different shapes and sizes, and even are called with different names. Some are closed systems in which the user as an instructor of a class, will have to dump their contents and limited to the options which were intended by the creators of the virtual space, to develop its course. Others extend along and across the network using Hypertext as their best ally to stop students not to visit or learn about other resources on the network in the class.

Tools that make up a platform

1. Communication tools such as forums, Chat, email.
2. Tools of students like auto evaluations, group work areas, profiles.
3. As authorization management tools, management.
4. Productivity tools such as calendars, bookmarks, support.
5. Tools of course as bulletin board, evolve.

A Virtual Classroom features

1. Distribution of information.
2. Exchange of ideas and experiences.
3. Application and experimentation of what has been learned,
4. Assessment of knowledge.
5. Safety and reliability in system

3 Meaning of Virtual Platform

Platform is a concept with various applications. It is usually a base that is a certain height or what provides support, either physical or symbolic. The most common use of the term virtual, on the other hand, is linked to what exists either apparent or simulated, and not physically.
With these definitions in clear, we can introduce the concept of virtual platform, which is used in the field of technology. A virtual platform is a system that allows different applications to run under the same environment, allowing users to access them via the Internet.
This means that, when you use a virtual platform, the user should not be in a particular physical space, they only need to have a connection to the Web that allows you to enter the platform in question and make use of their services.
Virtual platforms, usually used for distance education and try to simulate the same conditions of learning in a classroom. Although each platform can present different characteristics, typically allow the interaction between students and between students and the teacher. For this, they have various avenues of communication, such as chat, forums, etc.
Permit systems allow the efficient management of virtual platforms. The administrator, who is usually the teacher or the head of the education, you can access all the information available on the platform; students, on the other hand, do not.

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