What is the meaning of Backpack? Concept and Definition of Backpack

Definition of backpack

Petate: Definición, Concepto, Significado, Qué es Petate

1. Concept of backpack

The mat (from the nahuatl petlatl Word) is a type of woven carpet used in Central America and Mexico, elaborate based on fibers from the plant called Palm of petate (Thrinax morrissi). The Real Academia Española defines it as tapete.
They are usually woven into square-shaped and can be developed in different sizes, but not observed an accurate measurement,
The main use of the backpack is sleeping. Backpack stretches on the ground for going to sleep on it. Commonly during the day are kept rolled up and recharged or hung on a wall to take advantage of the space of the room. In very warm places used to sleep outdoors, be outdoors.
Also used to dry different objects to the Sun that is not desired to be on the ground: seeds, grains, including corn tortilla. In several parts of Mexico it is common to put to dry in backpacks pumpkin seeds to roast and eat them; These seeds are called nugget or pumpkin seed, although in the North of Mexico are called simply seeds that are sold roasted with salt.
The backpack is part of a set of articles that are made with Palm fibers. Other items made from this material are: crafts (known altogether with the name artesanias de petate, toys, dolls, masks, hats and baskets.

Expressions and colloquialisms

Characteristics and different applications, the mat has been used as an illustration of different situations. The following colloquial phrases are just a few examples:
• "Already is it petateó." - recognized by the SAR, the verb petatear (or petatear is) is used as a synonym for death, since the mat is also used to ensure and to bury the dead from pre-Hispanic times, and even now, in places with a lot of poverty where you can not buy a coffin.
• "Flare of petate" (in Spain, "straw flare")-means that an emotion or generally positive event happened too fast and with intensity; for example: "the love between them was pure backpack flare", i.e. it was very intense but it happened very fast. The reason is that backpack Burns fast and takes very little his flame.
• "Smells petate quemado." - refers to someone nearby is smoking marijuana and the aroma is detectable.
• "Women, pa'l metate and pa'l mat"-the macho which discriminates women still used in Mexico means that many men's ideal woman should be good cook and sexual partner.
• "If as pa is 'l mat were pa' l metate"-that discriminatory sexist towards women, means when she is not good in other areas, labor, domestic chores (cooking) but instead in sex if it is not.
• "Of these fleas do not jump in my backpack." - means when a person a better range of socio-economic, moral or race refuses to establish some type of friendly, labor or sentimental relationship with someone of lower rank social, economic, moral or race, this saying is discriminatory. Apply this saying mostly attractive or beautiful women towards men shortly handsome and lack of money; Although in general the saying applies in the sentimental by both sexes.
• "Rolling backpack." - means leave or change of housing. It refers to pick up and roll up the mat once the person rises. It should be noted that many indigenous have used as bed of traveler backpack for your ease and convenience, hence the analogy.

2. Meaning of backpack

Backpack is a notion that comes from a word Náhuatl (petlatl). It's a kind of mat or carpet that is often elaborate handmade in Mexico and various Central American countries. The petate is woven with fibers of a plant whose scientific name is Leucothrinax morrisii.
Backpacks tend to be rectangular and with large enough so that a person can lie on its surface. Typically, that backpack is placed on the ground when the subject you want to rest and, in the rest of the day, it stays saved (usually in the form of roll).
A backpack, anyway, not only serves the way bed or mattress. Different things that you want to dry with the Sun's rays can also expose themselves on this tissue. Thus, if someone tries to dry beans or seeds, you can use a mat to not support them directly on the ground.
The concept of mat is also used, in the informal language, to name bags and bags or luggage which a passenger takes on a journey. In this sense, backpack is equivalent to luggage.
For example: "the child took his backpack and boarded the train, heading to the unknown", "do not neglect the backpacks that in this terminal there are many robberies", "I came to the city with my backpack, I looked for a hotel and, a few hours, I was already looking for work".
Should be noted that, in some countries, the verb is used petatear as a synonym for dying. This is because that, in antiquity, the Backpack was used to cover the dead.

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