What is the meaning of Blunder? Concept and Definition of Blunder

Definition of blunder


1. Concept of blunder

1. Coup in fake that occurs with the taco in the ball pool or tricks.
2 Error, neglect, passage or misguided said. Colloquial.
3 Derision. Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador.
4 Mockery. Peru.

Blunder is a term that comes from the verb pifiar, to turn of high German average pfifen, "whistle"...

...A blunder is a failure, error or clumsiness. In the game of billiards occurs a blunder when the cap of the plug slides at the moment of contact with the ball, producing a sharp sound, bouncing the ball and - often - tearing the table cloth...

In Bolivia, Chile and Ecuador, the blunder is also synonymous with derision, tenacious mockery that is eager to deal, humiliate, denostar and seriously injure...

In Peru, blunder is also equivalent of mockery, rechiflar action: whistling loudly or taunting with end of someone...

2. Meaning of blunder

A blunder is an error or a mistake committed by a person when you try to hit a ball (a ball) in the context of a sport or a game, but fails to do so. Trying to hit the ball and not achieve it by a calculation error or for any other reason, you can say that from beginning.
For example: "the blunder of keeper led to a goal by the visiting team", "I've seen many ridiculous blunders, but none like this", "After committing the blunder, the player apologized to the fans of the whole".
By extension this use in the field of sports, called blunder any carelessness, inattention or mistake. Suppose that in a science fiction movie, special effects are poor and the spectator can notice as the spaceships hanging from wires. In this case, someone could claim that the director has committed a blunder.
The same can be noted if appears on the front page of a newspaper, a Word with a spelling error, or if the lead singer of a rock band confused city to greet the public of their concert in the framework of a tour.
The blunders can also be developed by political leaders. The candidate for President of a country can be wrong the name of the capital of a province and, thus, incurring a blunder. This type of error can be very serious for the aspirations of the individual in question, since it is exposed to criticism by the opposition.

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