What is the meaning of Cinavia? Concept and Definition of Cinavia

Definition of Cinavia

Cinavia: Definición, Concepto, Significado, Qué es Cinavia

1. Concept of Cinavia

What does Cinavia technology do?

Some releases of movies, TV shows and other videos produced in a professional manner (such as those shown in movie theaters, in commercial aircraft and services of film "a la carte" hotels) only can duplicate or reproduce by professional teams.
Other premieres (as is the case with the majority of Blu-ray Disc, DVD and authorized Internet downloads) have been designed for home use by users on mobile devices, but not to make consumers copied, or limitations when it comes to copy them (for example, to a limited number of computers, recordable discs, or devices).
Cinavia technology is used in a Blu-ray player Disc and limits the use of copies of such films, TV shows and other videos produced in a professional manner that is made without the permission of the owner of the copyright.

How does Cinavia technology?

Films protected by Cinavia technology carry inaudible codes that have been hosted by the owner of copyright in the audio tracks, and indicate where and how you can use.
For example, the films that are released in cinemas may lead a Cinavia code indicating that they can be copied by Duplicators professionals and reproduced only in professional projection equipment.
The films that are released in Blu-ray Disc, DVD or through authorized download services, may take a different code that indicates that only consumers can use them but with limitations with respect to whether they can be copied and how.
Cinavia codes were designed to remain in the audio tracks at any time, in which they appear, even after copying them, convert them to different formats or play them with a video camera.
Blu-ray player Disc read Cinavia codes from the audio track of the video you are playing or copying and can limit the use of the same if you identify unauthorized use. Playback or recording of unauthorized copies can stop or mute, depending on the Cinavia code that has been located and the operation that is being performed. This could lead to limitation of the unauthorized use of the audio tracks attached to the videos produced professionally in home movies and other personal recordings. When content limited you see a Cinavia code, will be shown an explanatory message on the video screen or in the main panel of your Blu-ray player Disc.
In any case, you can be sure of Cinavia technology not will be "seeing" what you see. By design, you cannot compile or pass on information about you, which usually see or media that you select. Cinavia codes have not be individualized for you, for your media or devices that possess, and never contain personal information or who can be identified as personal.

2. Meaning of Cinavia

What Cinavia?

At the beginning of 2010, the Cinavia DRM began to hit the mainstream when a copy of "The Wolfman" telesync affected torrents and warez sites.Audio watermark technology, especially when playing on PS3 playback stops just a few minutes in the film.The DRM works by comparing the source of the audio format that will play the movie.Example of a telesync, the audio was taken from a linear source on a theater, which obviously did not coincide with the format that was released in (most likely an avi.).Cinavia searched to see if the audio is accompanied the theatrical release and when did it, shut down the playback of the movie.Company explains that Cinvaia can be found: "Cinavia is a home video release of theatrical Windows and home of filmed entertainment and content cross-platform protection that works in all distribution formats widely used in theatrical film video industry releases of. "any type can be protected by Cinavia, including the distributed content in film, digital cinema, DVD, Blu-ray disc and download digital and many streaming formats ". "

How does Cinavia work?

While I was a very basic explanation up to above, here is the right word from the source:"Cinavia incorporates watermarks inaudible on the soundtrack of the films prior to distribution in the theatrical versions, in packaged including Blu-ray discs, and entertainment on the Internet and media content music. Water seal is detected by the consumer or professional electronic products that incorporate Cinavia detectors.Similar to visible watermarks used in currency and stationery, watermarks of audio to verify the authenticity of the content.The difference with the audio Cinavia watermark is inaudible and invisible to the consumer and does not interfere with the intended use of the content.The audio Cinavia watermark travels with the content throughout all subsequent uses of the content, regardless of copy or modifications.Players Blu-ray Disc with Cinavia technology identify and protect against the use of pirated copies taken from copies of theatrical exhibition.These could include camcording and recording and the redistribution of content in formats not authorized, as the titles of Blu-ray Disc to be re-written and distributed on DVD Pirates." Cinavia watermark audio adds a layer of protection for valuable that it complements the AACS encryption technology and content provided by the Blu-ray format Disc".

3. What Cinavia

Cinavia is an audiovisual content management system, but we deal with the issue by essentially what Cinavia? It is a software which is designed with the purpose of guaranteeing the originality of a Blu Ray disc, initially developed to generate watermarks in the sound of the video, became a compulsory measure from 2012 for all the original discs, to combat piracy, which is responsible for an impressive capital flight from its development. Cinavia is located in the vast majority of Blu Ray players devices, they pass through a control of quality and safety where it is checked that they comply with the standards and requirements of the State and the governing bodies for the fight against piracy.
The system reminds us much the arrangements made in the Apple's iOS which is restricted installation of software that is not included in the Repertoire of the App Store (the store Apple online for your devices) which, by the way, I arrive at the sum of 800,000 applications hosted on their servers are available for download. Cinavia works in a very particular way, System detected by means of audio playback if the firmware of the drive is correctly working, otherwise it will emit sounds uncomfortable which indicate to the user that it is a pirated copy. We recently observed in a PlayStation 3, the famous Japanese company Sony game console eliminated the sound completely, just 10 minutes of playback of the movie.
Cinavia works in conjunction with the Advanced Access Content System (AACS), another (DRM) digital rights management system with which verifies that the content playback is fully authorized. United States is one of the main countries that has strong hand against the fight of piracy, of course, major factories of films and audiovisual content in the world are found in that country, however, the struggle continues, as emerging countries such as South America, prefer to evade these conditions and the control of piracy in these countries is not dedicated bothIt is limited to the compliance of social responsibility in radio and television, in order to control the local audiovisual spectrum.

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